What Makes Great Affiliate Programs?

What Makes Great Affiliate Programs?

Welcome back to my Great Affiliate Programs Blog and this discussion about

What Makes Great Affiliate Programs.

There are countless thousands of Affiliate Programs out there and to be honest it really does come down to personal preference especially in regard to what your interests are, what your passions are, that will help you decide what is appropriate for you to get involved with.

I am particularly passionate about making money online directly through Affiliate Programs, rather than marketing any particular product from your main merchants like Amazon or eBay because my aim is to get residual incomes, recurring monthly commissions rather than one-off sales!

I do promote an E-Commerce store through one of my Affiliate Opportunities, as they have over 90,000 products and have been around for a long time although Due to shipping costs, I would recommend only those in the USA or Canada get involved really!

My favourite and primary Affiliate opportunity is one that promotes teaching you exactly how to build a website and the use of your site to market your own passion through writing great content for your blog.

As the traffic comes to your site you can then promote anything you like, although it is generally a good idea to market products that are in line with whatever it is you are writing about!

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So moving on then What makes Great Affiliate Programs?

I hope you find the rest of the article interesting and you will find some useful information to help you choose wisely your next Affiliate Program.

A Merchants View – The Product Maker!

A merchant is a person who trades in commodities produced by other people, (Wikipedia), and it is very interesting to note how a merchant views Affiliate Marketers today!

Affiliate Marketers are an essential cog in the Internet Marketing System and in fact without network or affiliate marketers today, the sale and distribution of products, would not be as successful as it is.

So what do merchants, Amazon, eBay, Chemist Direct, Curry’s, Wealthy Affiliate, Strong Future International, ClickBank, Impact Radius, Avant Link or Trade Doubler etc think of us?

From a Merchants viewpoint, Affiliate Marketing is brilliant, because there is any number of people helping them find customers for their products and they only have to pay out when a sale is made. This is proving better value than advertising that can see little or no ROI.

Affiliate marketing is often regarded as one of the best online marketing programs available to small business. Why?

Because there is no risk when it comes to affiliate marketing because they only pay after the results are delivered. By using an affiliate marketing program they agree to pay their affiliate partners a referral fee for each lead or sale that is generated.

Affiliate marketing is often seen as ”partnership marketing” because they, the Merchants, are partnering with others to help sell their or other peoples products and/or services.

From the Merchants mindset, it is most certainly in their interest to encourage others, affiliates, to get involved and help shift their produce. That is why there are some very good deals out there for us in the way of residual or commission based income to be earned.

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful business to be involved in.

Characteristics of a Great Affiliate Company

1. They have Great Products! This might seem a bit obvious but to me, it is the most important aspect of a great company because it is impossible to promote something I do not like or do not think is worthy of my time and name being put to it.

2. Rewards for results. Some affiliate companies entice you to create vast sales income by promoting their next big conference where you will learn all the secrets of success. I am involved with a Company that pays you to attend their annual conference once you have achieved certain results!

3. Recurring Commissions. If there is one suggestion I can make then you really need to be getting monthly recurring commissions. This is so much better than relying on sales volume per item. If there is a monthly fee being charged by the merchant then you want to be getting some of that for your marketing efforts.

4. Marketing Material + Tracking. Banners, social media ads, email marketing templates, text template content, stat tracking etc are all essential to your toolkit to help you promote the merchants products. The greater the resources available to you, the better your chances of success, especially when just starting out. – (In regard to tracking, when you get a bit more advanced and start making sales, you will wonder where those sales are coming from. When you start out, you probably won’t care very much as long as the money is coming in. But when you make 20 sales one day and zero the next, you’ll want to know why, and also how you can fix it quickly. Being able to track your URL’s, track where your advertising is working is essential).

Great Products are Regarded as Evergreen Niches

As a Blogger an Evergreen niche is literally an ongoing market, meaning that there’s always a market for this or that product or service and that means there is always new stuff to write about and always commissions to be made!

This is really important when we hone in on the passion we choose to blog about and the products that we are aiming at promoting for the next few years.

Affiliate marketing will be around forever and that appeals to me for many reasons.

So when choosing a Great Affiliate Program you need to choose Great Products that will also be around all year long and ”evergreen” too.

Examples of evergreen niches are videos games, weight loss programs, self-improvement, relationships and dating, gadgets, information technology, pets, employment, swimwear, holidays, travel etc. You get the picture!

Travel, Swimwear, Weight Loss are all Evergreen Niches.

Fitness is another evergreen niche and you could write for hours on end with topics like weight training, sprinting, swimming technique, shooting pool, throwing darts etc.

The idea is to look for a BIG Market with lots of people interested in something.

Look for a niche that will last for a long time. (Learn More Here At Warrior Forum).

Niche Marketing

The point of niche marketing is to find a specifically targeted product, so you know who your target audience is without getting too specific where you may limit sales. Look for something where keywords abound.

Does this niche fit a broader area so that once you get the cash flow coming in and you find what really is an apparent strength of yours, that further inspiration comes to ramp up your marketing!

As my general niche is Great Affiliate Programs, I can develop this later into

  • how to promote a great affiliate program
  • how to make YouTube videos for promoting specific affiliate programs
  • how to scale your marketing to include related affiliate programs etc.

There are many aspects to a Great Affiliate Program and I hope I have stimulated you sufficiently and given you some ideas of what to look for as you continue your journey towards building your own online empire!

When you find a truly Great Affiliate Program you want to talk about it and share it with your readers and like I mentioned above I only promote those opportunities that will bring value to you in one way or another!

Below you will find my favourite Affiliate Program, the one that this blog is built and hosted on.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing brand, an amazing company and anyone can get involved, whether you are new to internet marketing (a newbie) or whether you are a seasoned successful marketer with your own list of loyal customers.

Wealthy Affiliate fulfils all of the points that I have written about on this page and so much more but I will keep this brief so as to not sound like I am selling to you – sorry but I am excited.

The owners of WA chief aim is to help their affiliates learn and be able to succeed online, therefore, helping them promote their brand.

The training is literally stepped, in small bites, that can be digested and you are encouraged to implement immediately what you have learned. That way your knowledge base is growing but so is your platform, your website and hence your business success potential.

All the characteristics are fulfilled in particular the following

1) Large Commissions: 50% commission, $175 per annual recurring sale

2) Recurring Commissions: $23.50 per month for each person who stays within your marketing group

3) Rewards for Results: See you in Las Vegas!

4) Honest, Reliable, and Active Affiliate Managers who are readily available for help and encouragement

5) “Bootcamp” 50+ Lesson Marketing Training + Other Affiliate Training

6) Massive Market Potential across Multiple Niches, Evergreen Niche, Tons of Keywords and a keyword tool

So Sign Up & Start Making Money Today

Summarizing Then

What makes a Great Affiliate Program is dependent on a number of particulars as discussed above and this includes you too.

You need to have an idea of who you are, what your passions are, what you would like to be doing in 6 months time, in a year, in 5 years.

Start Dreaming Again Because Anything Is Possible With The Right Guidance and the Right Affiliate Program!

I am here to help you so if you have any questions feel free to ask them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I do hope that I have somehow inspired you further along the path towards building your own successful internet marketing career.

Colin Thomson

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  1. Thanks for the information. I would like to point out that being an affiliate marketer is very fun to do. The research behind the products and learning more about your chosen niche is what keeps the interest.

    If you enjoy what you are doing there are many positive doors that will open just off of honest effort to producing a site that will eventually monetize itself.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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