What is the best free keyword search tool

What is the best free keyword search tool

When someone asks me what is the best free keyword search tool I stagger at the number of questions that raises for me and I throw the question back…

What do you want a keyword search tool for?

A free keyword search tool might be just what you want if you are searching for a general term to help you find something. If you are a Chrome user, typing directly into the URL indicator your keyword will see Google, automatically bring up a few terms that contain your keyword. This is a very quick prompt but might be the quick solution you are looking for.

This is generally how most people search for items but you can actually make use of this with a bit of imagination as a basic start to learning how to search for terms specifically.

If you are searching for say dog baskets then there are more alternatives and if you are a new blogger and looking to go a bit deeper to search engine optimise your website then I have a terrific option for you below.

But for Now

Let’s take a look at a few of the more common best free keyword search tool available and then I would like to show you an alternative, one that I use personally and am totally in awe of this product.

Here are 3 options for you to consider.

1. Google Adwords.

You will need to create an Adwords account and when you are into the program you can search what they have to offer you. This platform is for more experienced internet marketers in my opinion.


2. Keyword Tool.

Keyword Tool is a free tool that uses Google AutoComplete to generate for you hundreds of long tail keywords that are found from actual searches ie how often users were searching for a particular search term in the past rather than pre-empting from the search engines.

If I was to search for dog baskets as an example you would get results like those below and to get the additional information you would need to subscribe but you would get a few ideas!


3. Wordtracker.

With Wordtracker you can get one free search per day and you can get a list of 20 longer keywords from your search word. That does limit things a bit but nevertheless, it gives you something to work with and you can see the platform too.

The above 3 options will get you started but if you are wanting to take your keyword searching to a whole new level then I suggest you consider investing in your future.

Introducing The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

I use Jaxxy all the time and in fact, it comes free as part of my subscription with Wealthy Affiliate which is a huge benefit to all those of us at Wealthy Affiliate.

First, let me show you inside the Jaaxy back office.

This comprehensive insight displays an incredible amount of information and the keyword search tool becomes one of the most important tools in your armoury when it comes to ranking your blog posts on the internet.

With a trial membership at Wealthy Affiliate you get to use Jaaxy for 7 days, as you do the WA platform, and after that, there are 2 options for membership. A monthly or an annual subscription gets you a very good version of a keyword search tool alongside a website and business building university training if you like!

Ok in Summarising About Free Tools

Asking what is the best free keyword search tool is not really a good question.

You should be asking yourself more pertinent questions like why do I want a free search tool that will allow me one search per day?

Why would I want to be limited to just 20 results to my search?

Do I want to find that special dog basket for my dog today or will Rover have to wait another week before he can get up off that folded cardboard box!

If I want to become competitive and see my dog basket blog begin to rank asap on Google then I am going to want to invest in myself and in my business so I can start ranking and start earning commissions.

You have 3 options above that will satisfy your need for a free keyword search tool but not for long. You will get bored very quickly just as I did.

See The Bigger Picture

Try Jaaxy Free yourself right now and enjoy the experience.

If you would like to explore the Wealthy Affiliate University where you can find many amazing tools and a community keen to help you succeed in your online adventure then click on the banner below too.

I hope you have found this information useful and I am pretty good at getting back to those who have a question or would like to make further comments about the services reviewed here.

Take Care


ps, I am not an Affiliate with any of the 3 options I have shown you in this post but I am an Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and with Jaaxy. If you were to join me in either or both of these fantastic programs I will receive a commission for as long as you stay within the system.

pss:- If You found this article useful please share it with anyone you think may benefit from it on social media or even with your friends.

Thank you for helping others, by sharing it with them too.

Also, leave a comment below or ask a question that I may not have covered and of course when you leave a comment, leave your website detail, as this will be generating free traffic and backlinks to your website, which is me helping you further too!

Take Care

Colin Thomson

6 Replies to “What is the best free keyword search tool”

  1. Hey Colin, I have never used the Google AutoComplete nor Wordtracker tool but I use jaaxy every time I create a website post to present my article with a popular phrase people type into the search bar.

    What I like about jaaxy, it’s up to date and ultra efficient. As I’ve become more experienced in attracting visitors organically through the search engines, I’ve managed to land a few posts on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo’s search results, even in my early days of blogging.

    Using jaaxy I ensure my phrase receives a decent amount of monthly traffic, very low competition from other websites using the same phrase meanwhile it tells me whether it’s a ‘great’, ‘average’ or a ‘poor’ phrase to use. I always choose the ‘great’ keywords with a 95% plus chance of landing on the first page of search results.

    If you’re lucky enough to find keywords representing a 100% prediction, this has certainly worked for me, the reasons I say it’s ultra efficient.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Simon
      Thanks for your insight.
      Jaaxy is an amazing tool and I have managed to find a few 100% keywords but
      not managed to write posts as yet due to time restraints.
      I save words that rate 95% or higher that are relevant to my blog which
      is about great affiliate programs in general.
      I am totally in awe of Jaaxy and so glad to have it with my WA membership.
      Thanks for stopping by and posting.

  2. Hi Colin,

    I am using the Jaaxy tool and finding it great. Just wondered what exactly is KQI and SEO?

    I am trying to get keywords that are Great KQI and high 90s for SEO. But what exactly does these two factors mean?

    1. Hi Owain
      Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment, I appreciate that.
      KQI is the quality of the keyword and can be rated, poor, normal or great!
      You should be aiming at saving ”Great” KQI keywords with an ”Average” less than 100
      which is how many times a keyword is entered into Google per month and with an
      SEO of 95 plus.
      The SEO is indicating the chances of you using that particular keyword in a good
      content blog post and it will possibly rank on page 1 of Google.
      As an example…..
      top 10 affiliate marketing programs Avg 40, Traffic 7, QSR 37, SEO 100 KQI Great
      is an amazing keyword if it was to be used there is a very high chance that it will
      rank on page 1 of Google fairly quickly.
      I haven’t tried it yet so am sharing it with you to give you an idea of a high ranking
      Hope this helps.
      Thanks for stopping by and a great question too.

    1. No worries Owain
      If you spend time within Jaaxy maybe following your keywords a bit deeper you might find some interesting results. What Mean is say your type in dog baskets, that will come up at the top of your list of results. So go through your list clicking on the QSR of them all. then save all those that have marks of over 95. Then of those click on them individually and they will go to the top of the next search with a fair few different new keywords. Click on all the QSR and then add all those over the 95/great level. You are building a big list stored in your Jaaxy account of valuable keywords to go back to over time.
      Also, notice whenever you have your results appear that on the right-hand side of these results Jaaxy will give you similar search terms that they have generated for you. So go through these and continue the process, searching, adding and storing.
      That is how I have found a fair few 100 valued keywords which again means that when I use them in posts with good content that there is a great chance that I will rank on page 1 of Google for that keyword.
      Hope this helps you some more.
      Good luck and take care

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