What is Jaaxy.com

What is Jaaxy.com

When typing into Google a search for this term – What is Jaaxy.com – There were over 70,000 websites found within 0.46 seconds and none of them is mine, yet.

The main reason being I haven’t completed this blog yet but the aim is to be there on page 1, within a few weeks, if not sooner.

How can that possibly happen you may ask and I can only answer that this is the beauty of Jaaxy.com and the wonder of this incredible business tool.

What is Jaaxy.com then?

By taking a quick peek inside my Jaaxy account I wanted to show you some of the key features that make Jaaxy.com such an amazing and invaluable tool.

In the photo above, although it isn’t a very good picture, you can see the headings Avg, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO and Domains.

These topics are what adds so much value to Jaaxy.com as a keyword research tool!

That is what Jaaxy.com really is, an amazing keyword research tool, second to none in my unbiased opinion.

What Do The Headings Mean?

Giving you a very small amount of detail will hopefully give you an indication of the value you would receive if you were to sign up for a Jaaxy account yourself. All the date shown here are for searches within Google.

Avg – this is the average times per month that a particular keyword is entered into Google.

Traffic – This is the number of searches you may receive if you include a keyword, in a content rich article.

QSR – This figure shows you how many competing websites have the exact same keyword on their ranked websites.

KQI – The data here will give you an indication that your keyword is going to rank well or not. Great, Normal or Poor.

SEO – The figure given here out of 100 gives you an indication of how likely it is to rank your blog post according to all data given within the specific keyword term.

Domains – Available domains with the keyword you are searching for if any!

By gathering and analysing this data you are able to find keywords in your particular niche that will help get your blog post ranked in the search engines which leads to you generating organic free traffic.

This is the aim of most bloggers, free traffic and with a few good tools including an incredible keyword research tool like Jaaxy.com you are headed in the right direction.

Jaaxy Menu

Within the Jaaxy menu, there are some focused tools within the setup itself some of which I will briefly let you know a bit more about below.

The most obvious one to me when I carefully scanned this to highlight some detail for you was the Saved Lists tab.

Doing your own keyword research can take a bit of time especially when you find a great keyword and you dig deeper into the guts of that specific term. The idea within Jaaxy is to find keywords that have an SEO of 100 which means that there it is very likely that a well-written article with that keyword within, will get to page 1 on Google fairly quickly.

This also depends on the age of your site, the way Google assess your site and a number of other factors too.

So within this Saved Lists tab are all the keywords I have searched for, grouped under headings and easily found when I want to go back to reassess my research.

A particularly useful part of Jaaxy is the ability to assess the ranking of your website in relation to your keywords and domain.

Simply enter a keyword and your domain and Jaaxy very quickly finds where your site/blog post is ranked and you can then gain an understanding of what is working for you and what needs tweaking.

The Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Any really good affiliate program, which is what I find and promote within great-affiliate-programs.com, has a good, fair and competitive compensation plan and the Jaaxy.com keyword research tool has just that.

Membership fees vary but if you join Wealthy Affiliate, read more here, your membership gives you access to Jaaxy itself.

A quick scan in the photo above lets you know that if you were able to get yourself 3 referrals a day who upgrade and stay with the tool you could earn up to $5000 a month. Of course, these figures are not specific and anybody earning an online income has many variants within their experience.

(Now I do have an affiliate disclosure in my main menu under the Important Info Tab but basically, if you click on any link on my site and make a purchase I will earn a commission. that is what Affiliate Marketing is about)

So with Jaaxy, you not only get an amazing resource to help build traffic to your website but you can supplement your income by recommending Jaaxy to others and if they sign up from a link you have shared then you too would earn a commission as long as they stay within the system

Other Tabs In The Jaaxy Menu

Search History will list your searches by keyword, date and time that you searched for the term and I haven’t had to use this yet so I can’t give much detail. Maybe if I forgot to save a keyword term that I really loved this might be a great place to start searching for it again.

Search Analysis will allow you to see how some of the top ranked websites for your keyword are doing, including their Alexa rank, page word count and how many links to and from the site there are. Very useful too.

You will need to See More For Yourself

Having shown you around Jaaxy.com fairly well you will need to take a look for yourself how effective Jaaxy is and you can try it for free by clicking on the link below

For Your Jaaxy Free Trial Here – click on the picture below now

You can trial Jaaxy with 30 free searches and see for yourself how you think you could make use of this incredible at Jaaxy and I most certainly hope I have answered your question, What is Jaaxy.com.

If you have any questions or comments then I would be happy to get back to you and help you if I can.

Take Care


ps If you would like to learn more about building your own niche website and how to monetize it, click on the banner below now and learn more.

ps:- If You found this article useful please share it with anyone you think may benefit from it on social media or even with your friends.

Thank you for helping others, by sharing it with them too.

Also, leave a comment below or ask a question that I may not have covered and of course when you leave a comment, leave your website detail, as this will be generating free traffic and backlinks to your website, which is me helping you further too!

Take Care

Colin Thomson

6 Replies to “What is Jaaxy.com”

  1. Yes i love this article! very in depth and covers exactly what i needed to learn to make new keyword articles for my website. this has helped me greatly and i really appreciate it! thank you so much

  2. I’m super glad you covered the Jaaxy tool, as I’ve been using it for more than a year now and have seen tremendous results. As in, keywords I’ve searched up and targeted I have literally ranked for thanks to the Jaaxy tool. You are doing a great job highlighting the perks and I thank you for that. Cheers

    PS: I really like how it gives you free 30 searches too!

  3. Great post Colin, you have really highlighted the importance of good keywords in ranking posts, I have not purchased Jaxxy but i have tried the free trial and i really loved how easy it was to use and also the suggested searches it gives you, it does look like it is definitely worth the purchase, and as you say the affiliate programme looks awesome too,
    Anyone thinking about purchasing Jaxxy should definitely read this for all the info!

    1. Hi Colleen thanks for stopping by and endorsing Jaaxy.
      It is always good to get other peoples opinions and I value
      comments and indeed input to my site.
      Thanks too that you feel it is a great post :)!

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