What Is A Keyword Research Tool

What Is A Keyword Research Tool

In today’s post, I am going to teach you about an incredibly important tool for an Internet Marketer, one that is a major stumbling block to those new to the world of internet marketing and in particular affiliate marketing,

”What is A Keyword Research Tool?

A Keyword Research Tool is software that will help you find keywords that are used in the search engines and you get statistical data to help you understand how popular, or not, your keywords are. A great tool will also help you find associated keywords that you can use that will rank better than your original chosen word.

Read on and let me help you understand better as  I take you through the exact process I use for every blog post I create!

Are You New To Affiliate Marketing?

When you start out with a new blog you are generally pretty excited because you have your own platform, a place where you can start sharing with the world your knowledge and passion about whatever it is you really want to do.

There are blogs about absolutely anything and everything on the planet, from space to the deep blue sea. From science to history, fashion, cars, motorbikes, absolutely everything!

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing you might be wondering how do I get my message out to the people who I am targetting, to those who I know will benefit from my knowledge.

Well, you need an understanding of SEO and Keyword Research Tools!

Confused, curious then read on and learn more today.

What is a Keyword Research Tool then?

You might have heard of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, which is carefully writing your content in a way that the search engines, like Google and Bing, can read and index your website so that they can bring your site up when people type into the search bar, the keywords you have focused on!

Your keywords are a primary focal point in your blog post which means if anyone on the planet types the same keyword you have included in your post and you have written a knowledgeable and helpful blog post, the chances are that Google will display your post fairly high on the search engine rankings and your aim is to get to page 1 which is where we all want to be.

This then gives you a far greater chance for people to see your blog, click on it and be taken to your site for you to engage with them in whatever the focus of your site is.

So a keyword research tool is, in fact, one of the most needed assets in your internet marketing business or enterprise and helps you dig deeper from your main post theme to find words that have a high amount of traffic flow with minimal competition from other bloggers.

This boosts your chances of being found, gaining new followers and subscribers to your site. Wikipedia in describing keyword research talks about Search engine optimization professionals who can help rank your site better for you but did you know with the right tool you can do this yourself! Read more from Wikipedia here if you like.

I personally use and love Jaaxy an amazing keyword research tool, one that has helped me find plenty of keywords suitable for my niche, Great Affiliate Programs. You can try Jaaxy Here

How Do I Use A Keyword Research Tool?

Ok so once you have your niche site (get yours here with Wealthy Affiliate) and you know what you are wanting to write about the next step is to find keywords to add into your blog post that fit and become part of the information you are passing on.

Say you are going to write about ”the stars” and you have written a book that you are going to release to Amazon soon. You would go to a keyword research tool and type in ”stars” to begin with and see what results are there in the first instance.

From the above picture, taken from my own Jaaxy Research Tool, you get a lot of information but as ”stars” is not a very specific term we go pretty well into movie stars which isn’t what we are after!

You will also notice a few terms, Avg, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO and Domains. I will explain about them later on this article.

So what is the next step, how do I get a better keyword for my blog?

The book you have written hasn’t focused on a particular star so we need to find a keyword that has a bit of traffic, not much competition from other writers and an indication of how many times that particular keyword is searched for in a month! We need to be competitive!

How do I find better keywords?

What we can do with a great keyword research tool is ”dig deeper” and I will show you how this is done.

Take a look at the photo above again and you will see that on the right-hand side there are related search terms and again all seem to be wanting to take us to the movies.

I am going to have to be a bit more specific now because if I had focused my blog post keyword as ”stars” my article would never have ranked anywhere near the top of the search engines and it would probably be never found at all. Let’s find another term about stars then plug that into Jaaxy and see what happens.

You need to be a bit creative and sometimes think laterally or at the very least think what people who are looking for your book would type into Google to find your book.

Let’s try and be a bit creative then.

What about, sun moon and stars? Let’s see what happens…

Now we are heading in the right direction and have got away from movie stars! Can you see what we have just done and how effective a great keyword tool is already? Compare the photo above with the previous photo and get a better idea of what I am showing you here and then carry on reading as I explain in more details how to go about the process.

That is the beginning of finding the right keyword for your article and by the way, that keyword when we find it, will be in the Heading, in the First Paragraph, maybe once more in the article and finally in the last sentence of the last paragraph too. That is sufficient so we do not overdo it because we need to know the rules of the search engines and play by them!

Anyway if you have taken a closer at the results we have gone from movie stars to perfume and bedding so we need to dig a little deeper to find those keywords that will become the focus of our articles about stars to attract people to your website to sell your book to targetted prospects.

As you begin to find ”keywords” related to ”stars”, within a great keyword research tool you can save those that score really well and might not be exactly what we need now, for later articles.

It looks like we need to use our imagination a bit here to get to ”stars” specifically then don’t we!

Star Gazing

So let’s add an adverb to our search term and see what that does to our search results!

I think we have hit a home run here because we have just found an awesome keyword within the Jaaxy search results because we have used our imagination and dug deeper into our initial keyword star.

Take a look at the keyword ”sky charts star gazing” and let me explain a few things to you here.

In the process so far we have been narrowing down or digging deeper, using Jaaxy, to find a high ranking keyword that we could use to attract readers to our new post and to hopefully make a fair few sales of the book we have made and are going to have released through Amazon!

The keyword ”sky charts star gazing” has a lot going for it.

Let me explain further.

Under the Avg column, we read that this exact search term attracts 199 visitors per month or in other words 199 people around the globe type in exactly ”sky charts star gazing”.

The Traffic column tells us that if you managed to use this keyword in a great content article that ranked on page one of Google, you would expect to get around 34 hits to your website every month of that traffic that has typed in that exact same keyword.

QSR lets me know that there is actually only one other indexed website that has an article with this exact keyword which means little competition for us. That is a particular advantage I hope you understand!

Looking at both the KQI and SEO columns we read that it is a great keyword we have come across and the overall ranking, taking into consideration all of the previous column data, is that there is a 98 score which gives us a great chance of ranking very high and achieving our aim of being on page one of Google.

The Nitty Gritty

Let me just explain the detail you get within Jaaxy and what the data in the different columns present to you.

Avg is the average number of searches that the keyword receives each month. You need this figure to be around 40 to 300 because any more than that and you might get overlooked unless you are on page one.

Traffic is the visits to your website if you rank on page one in the search engines. These figures are statics taken from years of documentation and the algorithms calculate this detail accurately I am assured!

QSR is Quoted Search Results is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact same keyword. This detail is important too because if there are 550 websites with the same keyword again getting to page one will be difficult and if you managed that you will have a lot of competition. Not what you want when you are trying to market your first book or whatever you are promoting.

KQI is keyword quality indicator and is pretty straightforward really. It tells you whether your keyword is Great, normal or poor and it is just a visual indicator to help you assess your research results a little easier. That’s how I use it anyway.

SEO gives a figure that highlights a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1-100 and the higher the better)

Domains this is quite a unique function of Jaaxy because it will reveal to you availability of domains that are related to the keyword being shown in the results. If you wanted to buy the domain then you could do that through Jaaxy/Wealthy Affiliate and have the site hosted there too.

In Conclusion

I hope that you have enjoyed my explanation of what is a keyword research tool and how important it is to you as a new internet marketer.

There are many different keyword research tools available on the market today, with Googles Free Keyword Tool probably the most popular, take a look at it here, but it is very limited and if you are serious about writing blog posts and wanting to be successful then you need more than just a free tool.

I highly recommend Jaaxy to you again because it has all the features I have used to help you to understand how to do a good and proper deep keyword research, to find a keyword that will help you rank on page one of the search engines.

Remember where we started with ”stars” we could have written a 2500 word blog post about stars and the only people who may have ever stumbled across our site would have been those looking for what Jenifer Aniston has been up to lately!

By finding ”sky charts star gazing” we have a terrific keyword that when applied to our blog title, carefully weaved within the fibre of our post and used in our conclusion giving us a fantastic chance of being found on the world wide web, where people can buy our new book, by clicking on our Amazon link within the blog post too.

I again hope this helped you a lot and if so ask you to pass this onto those who you know would benefit from it like you have. If you have any comments or questions then feel free to share them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Take care


You Can Read My Full Jaaxy Review by clicking Here Too

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