What is a Great Affiliate Program

What is a Great Affiliate Program

Typing these words, What is a Great Affiliate Program, into Google, does not bring up a whole lot of useful information about Affiliate Marketing, in my opinion. What it does highlight to me, is that people do not seem to be interested in a good or a great affiliate program but just the money!

So my point is, what else must I think about when looking for that great affiliate program?

Why is it always about the money?

Are Great Affiliate Programs real and what is the relationship to a better program and money?

Well I’d like to expand on this a little bit more and would appreciate engaging with like minded people, who may have a great affiliate progam, to share with my readers and I, below!!

A Google Search Reveals!

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and pages and pages of like headlines that are designed to attract your attention and throw you off your planned path and to get your hand in your pocket to ”the next best thing” there and now.

Part of being a successful internet marketer is to learn how to write these attention grabbing headlines to do exactly that – get your attention to your product – which is why I teach people to – work out what you want to do before you go searching for ”it”.

(This why I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate so highly, as a great affiliate program, because no matter what your passion, your hobby, your activities, your sports, your fashion sense, no matter what – you can turn that passion into an online income with this one program).

But again the key here is knowing what you want!!

Please take that on board before you go looking around the internet for that next great thing otherwise you will continue to search, continue to spend, and continue to lose.

Take a few days away from the computer and work out what it is you really love to do, then come back to my blog and read some more. You will see things differently I can assure you.

I am sure one of the reasons you are reading this blog and why you are searching the internet for an online opportunity is for your own personal cash flow. Money is important because we all have bills to pay, mortgages or rent to pay, clothes, food, school lunches, car, holidays and dare I even say this horrible word – debt.

A heck of a lot of people need a second job to make ends meet these days and the situation isn’t going to change. We live in a bent world, where the rich get richer and bugger the rest! Is that rude and harsh?

Well it is true and the only way I can see to do something about is improve my situation and help as many others as I possibly can.

So in saying that let’s move on………….

Yes The Money is Important But……

Most people who want to get into any brick and mortar business or an internet business, want to make money. I am writing this article with that as a no brainer!

Of course I am doing what I do, affiliate marketing, to make money and create a lifestyle that I desire – But in seeking out a great affiliate program, I am guiding you in a way to ‘‘think about all the other aspects of internet business too’‘.

This article is desgined to help you think outside the box, to get away from just thinking money, money, money.

Back to my point. You need to also realise that working a website takes time, instruction, careful planning, market strategising, tweeking here and there, trial and error.

Yes a lot to do and learn before success comes. Sorry to disappoint you but truth is truth.

There is no get rich quick.

Join Lots of Programs And Get Rich

If you decide that all I need to do is join 12 programs and get the links out there and watch the money come in, then again you are misguided in your thinking. If you join too many programs, too many traffic exchanges, have too many websites you will get confused. I’ve been there.

Think about all the passwords, the time needed to log into all the sites and to keep everything up to date! Every program has it’s own training and tuition, some to a greater and some to a lesser degree. But you will still need to learn the absolute basics before you know what you are doing.

This does take time and I don’t recommend that approach. Here in my blog you only see me promoting 4-7 programs and ones that don’t produce results will disappear to be replaced by those that do. That is the reality of affiliate marketing because unfortunately we need to sift the wheat from the chaff!

There are literally hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs out there – but – back to my point – what do you love doing? – what would you love to do online? – Forex trading, Selling health and nurtition products, fashion products, sporting goods, musical instruments? What would make you get out of bed every day with a big smile on your face? (and I am not being personal here lol)

With an Internet Business you need to treat it like any other business, have a plan, get the tools and put it all together. You need a passion, a website, wesbite hosting, domain name, a writing platform, keyword search tool, specific purpose guided training and above all great support.

So again can I encourage you right now to do some basic research after you have worked out what ”YOU LOVE TO DO” and then start looking into how I can turn that passion into a business.

Already have a passion? Scroll to the bottom of this page – Click on the banner – And Go for it 🙂

What makes a Great Affiliate Program?

In the screenshot of my Wealthy Affiliate back office below, as an example, you will see a basic presentation of how you can turn your passion into an income stream. While the picture highlights in the first point, choose an interest, I hope you have already done that and if you haven’t please bookmark my blog and go and do some soul searching and find out your passion because therein lies your future calling, when linked to the internet!!

Find your passion, build a website, get traffic, make some money is the simplicity of it…….


I do hope that you took your time and had a good look at the photo above because the many parts of a great affiliate program, all in one place, can be seen, if you noticed at all.

Here are some other things that I look for in a Great Affiliate Program – teaching, likeability, authority, promotional resources, no upsells, all in one box, simple, as it comes, networks, forums, results, ethical and honesty.

Of these 11 points, not once have I mentioned money or income here. That is not the important point at this stage of sussing your passion and then finding a way to express it and then monetise it. Think differently.

Back to the photo above and in there are clues to Success. there are 2 training courses, the certificate course and the affiliate bootcamp. You can do either first but I would recommend the certificate first to get a good understanding of how things work and then the bootcamp which helps you market better. (with WA though this is not just theory, you will be building your business as you learn, with step by step guidance as you learn!!)

I’ve been around seemingly great programs, where deep down within my soul, I couldn’t honestly tell my friends, heh come along and get involved. That has become really important to me and I think you learn this through time and experience, and a great lesson to learn.

Kyle, one of the Wealthy Affiliate founders teaches that when we stop thinking about selling, the sales come. Stop thinking about the money and it will  come. Buidling an affiliate marketing website needs a different mindset. We need to write passionately about something, get visitors who share or get your passion and they will join you or buy from you without you selling.

We learn to help others which will help me in the end. A great principle for life.

TripleClicks and an ECA Affiliate Store with Yeshua

Part of any great marketing enterprise is how well does a marketer help other people solve their problems.

Yeshua Stores have numerous books and resources that have helped me incredibly over the last couple of years. YeshuaStores have a passion for helping people learn about internet marketing and teach and explain the concepts in easy to understand ways.

I promote their website and earn small commisions from sales, but more importantly, I am happy to send people to their website because I know they will benefit and get value for money. That is a really important point because anyone I send away from my website, I want them to return because they benefited from their visit, to me.

If I send people to rubbish programs or rubbish websites they will never return and that doesn’t look good with Google and sooner or later they stop sending people to your site. We do not know how their algorythms work but that is the basic principle.

Please do pop over to YeshusStores and take a look at some or all of their 40 odd products, many of which will help you and will guide you in journey to earning your own affiliate income one day soon.

What Great Affiliate Programs are You Involved with?

Now while this is a risky question to ask in my blog.

I thought I would ask the question because of the many hundreds of thousands of opportunities out there.

But I would like to know more myself. So if you are in what you would call a great affiliate program, then leave a brief comment below with your affiliate link and I will take a look myself and then let my readers know my thoughts and if I believe you are involved in a great affiliate program then I will leave your comment there after I have joined your program. We can then build together!! (Please note though that I will be moderating and vetting all comments here so please no spammers!!)

I am taking a risk here so again no spammers but only sincere people need take me up on my offer here.

Leave a comment and I will get back to you soon.

Take Care


My Primary Online Affiliate Business is Wealthy Affiliate.

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