TripleClicks Review

TripleClicks Review

In my TripleClicks Review you will learn the basics about this E-Commerce website, What it is, Who they are and is TripleClicks legit or a scam.

TripleClicks is the E-Commerce site related to SFI, Strong Future International and has been around since 2009. As an SFI member you would get your TripleClicks membership included too.

Having been with SFI for 2 years, I write this very honest review for you, hoping to give you sufficient information to make an informed decision about your own involvement in the future.

Is TripleClicks Profitable

The direct answer to that question is No.

I found right at the very beginning of my time with SFI, that although the concept is superb, purchase what you would normally buy weekly, but from TripleClicks instead, this will only work in the USA or Canada because the shipping costs are outrageous.

For the rest of us living around the globe I have found that buying digital products is the way to go. They are obviously downloadable and mostly immediately too. As regards commissions, I have only been earning very small commissions for resells, for promoting other peoples products.

As an affiliate marketer you need to see results fairly quickly and if you do not, then either you are doing something wrong with your marketing or the product isn’t suited to your blog or the product/company isn’t very good.

SFI is a solid proven company but the TripleClicks branding doesn’t really work for me.

What is TripleClicks

TripleClicks is an E-Commerce website and has over 90,000 products for sale, ranging from Antiques & Collectibles, to Books, Digital Products, Personal Care & Beauty, Pet Care, Toys, Sports & Outdoor, Travel, Education, Health and Wellness, Music, Spirituality & Religion etc.

If you have time to search through the products, you may find something useful and profitable and if you are in the USA/Canada then this E-Commerce store maybe perfect you.

The refund policy and system through SFI/TripleClicks works very well and cannot be faulted, in my opinion, as I have had to get refunds in the past and this has been trouble free.

The digital product base can vary quite a lot in quality too and this is noticed easily when browsing products. The individual reviews about the products are sometimes really badly written, with font mishaps etc, and you just need to keep browsing, until you find a decent presentation. They are there.

Who sells at TripleClicks

As I have written in a previous post, SFI affiliates, who have their own products, generally make up the ECA, E-Commerce Affiliate, merchant base and there are some exceptional ECA’s amongst the many. Read about YeshuaStores here.

You can actually promote TripleClicks and its ECA program yourself and you will receive commissions, for life, from that particular company, if you remain an affiliate with SFI.

As already mentioned, I ended up solely seeking digital products and found many great purchases, from fellow affiliate marketers, that has helped me continue to grow in my understanding of how affiliate marketing works and how to become a better marketer.

You can browse TripleClicks yourself by clicking on the banner below.

TripleClicks Gaming and Auctions

What I did find amusing with TripleClicks is that you can play online games and some are actually really good and free. This can become a distraction though if you are searching for a product or trying to build a business, so be careful if you are going to join SFI and/or TripleClicks yourself.

If you want to you can also bid for massively reduced name products and service through PriceBenders.

Penny Auctions allow you to bid on name brand products, for a fraction of the retail price, typically more than 90% off, with a MINIMUM savings of 77%, (excluding cost of bids, if any) and FREE SHIPPING to US/Canada! Every auction starts at one cent, with the price going up by one cent, for each bid placed.

As previously mentioned though, shipping costs can be rubbish for those of us living outside of the USA/Canada but that’s up you.

My TripleClicks Review Summary

I used TripleClicks for 2 reasons, the first was for some light-hearted entertainment and secondly to buy digital products to help me learn more about Affiliate Marketing. Both of these objectives were met although I am going there less frequently now and I have moved onto a rather better online opportunity. Click on the Wealthy Affiliate Banner below for more information.

For these 2 reasons I can recommend TripleClicks to you, but if you are wanting to try to earn an online income or wanting to buy any product that needs shipping expenditure, then my advice is find another opportunity.

There are numerous E-Commerce sites and of course Amazon and EBay are really pretty hard to beat anyway!

TripleClicks is a legit E-Commerce store and part of one of the longest running Affiliate Programs around, SFI, but I recommend you go and have a really good look through the store before coming involved.

There are some great products in the store but I think the site needs an update and certainly the way some products are presented, can leave you thinking the site is rubbish.

I hope you have found my TripleClicks Review helpful and I would appreciate comments and feedback below. I will get back to you.

Take Care

Colin Thomson

4 Replies to “TripleClicks Review”

    1. Hi Maurice. Thanks for your comment and yes I believe being open and honest wins out at the end of the day. Glad I have somehow managed to open your eyes to new possibilities. Onward and Upward my friend 🙂 Take Care

  1. Hi Colin, Thanks for sharing your experience with TripleClicks! I don’t live in the states either, so due to the information you provide about shipping costs, I don’t think this is for me either. It is always good to read about different options when it comes to affiliate marketing, to make sure to get the best value for the time and work that is put in to that.

    1. Hi Marika thanks for your comment. Yes it is good to hear of others experiences and when presented in an honest correct fashion this helps everyone. Wisdom in affiliate marketing is needed very much. Thanks again

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