The Wealthy Affiliates Program

The Wealthy Affiliates Program

The Wealthy Affiliates Program is a wonderful description describing what can happen when a person taps into this amazing program, Wealthy Affiliate, and learns how to become a Success, themselves.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program, established in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, has stood the test of time and there are many who have prospered because they were teachable, determined and put into practice, the lessons learned, to become Wealthy Affiliates in their own rights too.

In this article, I am going to go into a little more detail with you and explain – what makes the Wealthy Affiliate Program -more than just another online opportunity!

What is The Wealthy Affiliates Program?

Wealthy Affiliate has many unique characteristics to it, and is different, in that it fulfills what it tells you, it will do.

The Wealthy Affiliate tuition and training, if followed properly, will help you –

Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business!

The Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity is totally unique in that you get, within the system, everything you need to build an online business.

From the initial training, to the tools you need, to obtaining domains, the hosting of your site built on a wordpress platform, and an amazing community, of like minded individuals who are ready, willing and able, to help you scale things up, as you learn and produce your website!

You even get a Site Content Editor, that I am using now, to write and correct your blog posts, before you publish them straight to your blog through, your back office.

There truly isn’t any need to have any other resource to start your online business interests than what is contained within the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

I took the picture above, while I was creating this article titled ”what is the weatlhy affiliates program” – for you to see the actual content creation tool itself. It is very similar to a word press blog back office and when you finish creating your post you simply hit ”publish” and it is sent to your blog immediately, where you can make some alterations and see how it looks if you like.

Everything that is needed to build my website is here within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and the teaching and training you receive is priceless.

The Certification Course

Take a look at the picture below to get an idea of some of the tuition available to you within the back office of the system.

Affiliate Bootcamp

A follow up to the Certification Course, the Affiliate Bootcamp training explains how to market your website, as you build it.

You are taken step by step, with easy to understand modules, that show you exactly how to do what you are being taught in the text and/or video trainings.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

With any online opportunity the need for help and assistance is imperative because there is always something new to learn and quite often there is the need to seek guidance from the firm help desk.

One of the things that is particularly unique to WA is the community within your office.

You are able to build your own following and those who you follow, on a dialy basis, and these wonderful new affiliate friends, along with the rest of the community, will help you find the answer to your problem any time of the day.

Your Good Self

To become a Wealthy Affiliate you need to have drive and determination, a teachable spirit, time to study and a passion that you want to share with the world. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate itself you can read my review here ==>Wealthy Affiliate Review<==

My great desire is to help people begin their internet marketing career, as a substitute for that JOB, just over broke, and help them change their lives for the better. I too have struggled in the past to get ahead and I know what it is like to not have a clue about, where to go and who to ask about the internet.

Having found the Wealthy Affiliate University, where Wealthy Affiliates are made, if you follow the training and have a can do attitude – I have never been happier to promote an online program, one that has everything I need, to begin my pursuit of achieving my goals and dreams today.

The 40 hrs per week for 40 years, to give you a tiny retirement fund,, doesn’t work for most of us any more. Life brings you many snares and traps, along with opportunities to grow and prosper, but you need more. You deserve more and self employment is the way you can break free from the trap of normality.

Having spent time as a self amployed Electrical Contractor (8 years) and having been in full time employment as an Electrician, I know the good and the bad of both sides of the fence and I can assure you, self employment is the way I prefer, hands down.

How Do I Earn Money With WA?

The most wonderful thing about the Wealthy Affiliates Program, is you can learn how to build an online business in the comfort of your home, at your own speed and you build your business at the same time, if you so wish to do.

You can do your apprenticeship online, learning all the skills you need to set yourself up for Success, beginning today.

I am not talking about get rich quick, I am talking about building something that will last, something that will make you proud of your accomplishments, something your family and friends will be surprised at and so happy for you.

There are 2 ways that you can earn an income with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You are taught to find your passion, build a website and then to monetize it.

In doing this, as you promote whatever it is you love, say for example cricket, you write and teach your readers how to play cricket and you also place adverts within your blog that promote cricketing products.

There might be a certain type of bat or a great new hat for sun protection. There might be some books that will help explain your points further and you simply place links on your site so that when people click on your links, make a purchase from the site they were taken too, you will receive commissions.

Joining the Amazon Associates program will allow you to do this successfully.

A second way to earn an income from your website, is to promote Wealthy Affiliate, as I am doing here and the picture below shows you the commission rates you will earn for your efforts today.

In Conclusion

My great desire is to travel the world, to see and spend time, on some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

To spend time in Australia with friends and family for a few months and then to return home to the Uk for the long days of the summer.

I want to walk on the great wall of China, stand on mountain tops, visit the many and varied pyramids that have been found around the globe.

I want to see amazing water falls, and spend time with people of all types, in different countries, in different continents, loving and laughing and sharing stories of joy and hardship.

You Too Can Begin Dreaming Again and with a Great Platform like the wealthy affiliates program, all things become possible.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is an opportunity, a place of learning, a platform for you to begin understanding the internet, how it works, how to work within it and in putting that altogether come out the other end with a website and an understanding of how to promote it for success.

I truly hope you can see from this post that you are in the right place at the right time and if you have read this far, then you have the right attitude to take the next step and that is to join the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity today.

It will cost you nothing to join, no credit card requirement either and you can explore everything within the Platform for 7 days and you can make an informed decision whether this is truly for you too.

Click on the banner below and your journey to a new and fresh outlook of the internet can begin today.


If you have any questions or comments to make please do not hesitate to comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Take Care


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