The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

What are the things that make The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners?

Hi and welcome to my article. I hope you will find it informative and it has been written because I need to share the pointers below with you, to help you make an informed decision before you carry on into the Affiliate Marketing world online.

 Mentoring really is essential and if you are teachable, you will Succeed!

Why am I doing this?

Well simply, having made some stupid and uninformed decisions in the past, I try my best to help people not make the same mistakes. Sure you will go on and make your own, as we all do and as I still do today too, but if you are an astute learner, then I am sure you will benefit from my tips and from a perusal of the Affiliate Programs I have highlighted below for you.

Avoid my mistakes and you will be ahead of the rest with your learning about Affiliate Marketing.

There is a mass of scammy websites out there just waiting to get your attention and take your hard-earned cash, so please be wary when you begin your journey into Affiliate Marketing, which is a very rewarding industry to be involved in.

OK let’s get started and I trust you will enjoy my post and gain some great understanding.

What is Affiliate Marketing and What Not To Do

Here are a couple of useful definitions and the Wikipedia page is an interesting read too!

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement between an online retailer who pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. You can read a good definition with Wikipedia here.

Affiliate marketing is a brilliant and basic form of marketing where you refer someone to an online product (through your website or other means) and when that person buys the product, based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

Simple and straightforward really – please bear in mind there is a lot to learn, but do not be concerned with that at this stage, as l address that later in the article.

When you are looking for a program or opportunity to share on your website please do not the mistakes I have made some of which are listed below.

Please Do Not…

  1. Get sucked in by the big flashy cars and gorgeous girls or muscle rippling bloke models!
  2. get enticed to part with any cash to join a program before you check it out
  3. be taken in with the ”join now you only have 18 hours to get the full benefits….”
  4. be taken in by the click here and I will show you how I made $64,596 in 48 hours
  5. be overcome with how much there is to learn as there are great solutions like those below

What Should I Look For in An Affiliate Marketing Company

OK as you are still with me and I have highlighted to you some things not to do, let me highlight to you what to look for in an Ethical, Morally sound Affiliate Program today.

Some Points To Be Aware of…

  1. A great affiliate company will be free to join, to allow you time to make an informed decision to stay
  2. some companies allow you to be an affiliate, at no cost, forever
  3. does the company offer training and to what extent?
  4. do I need to pay for this training?
  5. will there be requirements to upgrade any membership
  6. what tools do the company have to help me market their products
  7. how long has the company been in business
  8. always take some time to read reviews of the company, to get other peoples opinions, not just mine!
  9. what services do the company provide in regard to web hosting, domain names, autoresponders etc
  10. is there a helpline and is it 24/7

Having highlighted a few pointers to you above, I would like to explore a few of them further here, while some are self-explanatory.

The 2 main things I looked for before I found the ideal companies for me to be involved with, were cost and training. Generally as a Newbie, a person new to affiliate marketing, you have very limited cash flow and very limited knowledge about how to make money online. I know I’ve been there.

So it was really important that I was able to explore the affiliate opportunity, to see what the companies products were and whether I liked them and thought I could market/sell them. To do this I didn’t want to spend any money and neither should you.

That is just plain common sense but with all the glitz and glamour associated with some online marketing, you can be led away from that level playing field of thinking.

So just be wary and have a focused perspective when you are genuinely searching for an opportunity. Do the surfing later when you are not seeking!

Teaching and Training are vitally important when you look to begin an online career or even if you are just wanting to build a blog, so you can share your favourite photographs with the world as an example.

I have been involved with a couple of affiliate opportunities where the product if you like, was ”information, the knowledge to make money online”. I got sucked in by the marketing process, spent thousands and later learned that I could have got all the information online for – yes you guessed right – nothing.

That is a very gutting feeling and one of the reasons why I am on a mission to help people begin online safely.

The 2 affiliate companies below fulfil all the above points where you can remain with SFI forever as an affiliate and you have full access to all of their resources and with WA, you gain access to a limited amount of training and tools for 7 days before you are offered an upgrade. The upgrade unlocks the full ensemble of resources and training, second to none in my opinion.

You really do need all the proper tools, hints and tips to market a product online and therefore you will need a blog, banners, autoresponder, buying and registering of domain names, 24/7 helpline, web hosting, keyword search tool etc. While all this can seem daunting, a genuine successful Affiliate Marketing company will all of this covered by their new affiliates from the very start.

How Do I Join An Affiliate Marketing Company?

It is really straightforward to join an Affiliate Company and the best way to learn about joining a company is to click on the banner and see for yourself.

Peruse the landing page or the home page of the company and if you like what you see then carry on.

For information about finding great affiliate programs go here now if you like ==>

You will generally be asked for your name, email address and quite often to choose an affiliate ID. Choose your ID carefully because most of the time your ID becomes your affiliate link ID. It sort of becomes your identity, to an extent, so ”cthomson” looks a lot better than ”FoxyLady” as an example.

Dependent on the affiliate program you are looking to join, of course, I would pay more attention to cthomson, personally.

My Top 3 Affiliate Programs, so far, are…..

Wealthy Affiliate – WA

Wealthy Affiliate is the best most comprehensive online program I have ever come across. Wealthy Affiliate is also known as Wealthy Affiliate University and this is really just giving you a glimpse of who and what they are. Wealthy Affiliate is so much more than a University because they not only offer incredible teaching through text-based articles, video training and a vast community of willing helpers to get you from point A to point B.

You join for free for 7 days and then can upgrade to keep access to what you have been shown during that time and gain access to the rest of the University if you like. As I mentioned above they are much more than just a training facility.

You get…

  • Buying and registering domains.
  • Web hosting.
  • Keyword research.
  • Networking with other affiliate marketers.
  • etc…
  • high recurring commissions from $23.50 up to $175 at time of writing
  • step by step guidance on how to build a website, monetize your website and get traffic to it too

Free Trial

One of the reasons I like to promote Wealthy Affiliate is because they offer a free trial so that anybody can try-before-they-buy it!

WA is a great Affiliate Marketing Program because I am using it myself and I’ve learned during their courses, exactly what I am showing you here. I have been a bit limited in my marketing with other companies in the past because of the limitations in products, but WA is such an amazing opportunity, with so much to offer people of all abilities, that promoting it is a real pleasure.

Having that free trial in place gives me the confidence to ask people directly to join and try it out and it means there is no pressure, no hard sell because you will see what you will get for your money. This is a win-win situation for my customers and I and I like that. I really do not want anybody to spend money on a product or system that is not good. That is why I thoroughly recommend WA as my number one option.

Recurring Commissions

If you really want to make great money, with affiliate marketing, and build a very successful business online, recurring commissions are something you will want to keep in mind when choosing an affiliate marketing program for a beginner.

Basically, you make a sale once, with your marketing, and then your commission will keep paying you every single month (or year) without you having to do any further work yourself. That makes a lot of sense and is why recurring commissions are so sought after. Get paid over and over for work you have done once!

I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you.

Strong Future International – SFI

Strong Future International is my second recommendation to you and is very similar to WA in that it is free to join and the teaching and training are very good. You can remain an affiliate with SFI forever without having to buy anything and one of their mottos is that they teach you how to make money without ever asking you for any money.

Once you have grasped how to make money there are opportunities within the platform to progress further by investing money in buying affiliates, to build your team. You can upgrade your membership by making a standing order of 2 – 3 different types, dependent on your needs and goals. This then allows you to earn increased company shares in the companies profits on a monthly basis.

I have learned a lot with SFI and am deeply grateful for the training I have had, much of which has helped me to get to where I am today.

My only negative point with SFI is that it really is a hard program to market and you need massive amounts of traffic and signups until you begin to see any worthwhile commission coming. In saying that there is an E-Commerce store associated with SFI that I have bought many different resources from and can thoroughly recommend taking a look at this terrific online program.

You can read my SFI Review here if you like….


Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate companies in the world and is an affiliate marketers paradise. Having written an article about them in the last few days, it would be better and you will get more information about marketing their products, by having reading more as below!!

You can read my Clickbank Review here if you like… Clickbank Today


In concluding this article I really hope that you have learned some of the things that make The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners.

There are millions of articles about affiliate marketing and I have read only a small percentage myself and so for what it is worth I thank you for reading this far and I wish you all the best for your internet marketing career.

You can join me in either of my 2 main affiliate programs, WA or SFI and I will be advised straight away and will be in touch to help you further.

If you would like to know more about this article or have any questions then comment below and I will get back to you.

Take Care, Colin Thomson

2 Replies to “The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners”

  1. Does sfi not have a training program that trains its members on how to market their product to potential customers? I ask because you mentioned that it is a hard program to market. Also, does sfi have major Price increases or up sells I should be aware of? Thank you for your article.

    1. Hi Jessie. SFI is more about Team Building while WA is about Affiliate Marketing. Team building requires finding and motivating others to replicate what you do or what your upline does and these are not strong aspects of my marketing abilities.

      WA on the other hand allows for creativity, allowing you to find your niche, where and what you enjoy promoting and does not require the input of a team as such. Find a product and market it to the internet. then find another etc. This is more interesting for me!

      SFI training is good within and if you get a good sponsor then success can come, but as with any internet business, not overnight.

      The pricing within SFI remains the same and there are no upsells either, just varying levels of membership. You can start free and stay that way forever.

      Hope this helps you.

      Take Care


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