Strong Future International

Strong Future International

Strong Future International Review

Name: Strong Future International, SFI
Price: Free
Owners: Gery Carson
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

SFI – Product Overview

Within SFI there are multiple income streams and all tied in with either building a team and/or marketing any of over 90,000 products from their TripleClicks E-Commerce site.

Through, you’ll find products in a wide variety of categories, including Antiques & Collectibles, Apparel; Arts & Crafts, Books, Business, Computers, Digital Downloads, Education, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Gifts & Flowers, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Jewelry, Magazine Subscriptions, Miscellaneous, Movies, Music & Games, Personal Care & Beauty, Pet Care, Phone & Accessories, Real Estate, Romance SFI, Sports & Outdoors, Tools & Automotive, Toys, Kids & Baby, and Travel.

You are encouraged to replace items you would buy from other places, both on and offline, and buy them from within your own TripleClicks store that you get when you become an affiliate with SFI. Living in the UK, I found this impractical, but imagine those living in the USA would be able to make this work as it is a USA company.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Free to Join
  • Good training – The Launchpad and an Internet Income Course
  • Multiple Income Streams
  • Very good Forum
  • Inbuilt emailing capacity to correspond with your team.


  • Is confusing when you first get started
  • Difficult to promote because a lot going on within the system
  • TripleClicks product shipping costs are very high
  • Would seem to work better if you are in the USA for shipping
  • You are encouraged to buy from your own store, home goods etc, but again the cost of shipping limits this if you are outside the USA
  • You do need to create a blog because the Gateway sites you are given to promote SFI are dated
  • There is a real need to build a team and that is where the commissions come in. Difficult to do as a beginner
  • Facebook does not allow you to promote SFI within the personal section and that means you need a blog and/or to mask your URLs

Who is SFI For?

If you are already an internet marketer, with a downline/list, and looking for something new, then I believe you could do well with SFI. You can earn commissions marketing the products within the TripleClicks site but not a full-time income. You need to build a strong team below you, with everyone duplicating what you do and this means a ton of advertising and marketing. The conversion rates are low, so if you have a Team Building ethos and love driving and building teams then this is for you.

SFI Tools & Training

There is some good basic training within the SFI program and it is needed because there is a lot to learn and it can be confusing, to begin with. There is no ongoing training as such, but a very good forum exists where you can get the answer to any questions you might have. There are many marketing tools to help you promote SFI and TripleClicks products, anything from banners, memes, ecards, car magnets, flyers, postcards, wearables etc.

SFI Support

The support framework within SFI is pretty good and they have handled my issues in the past, really well. There is an accessible list of your upline and a very good forum too.

SFI Price

SFI is free to join and one of their mottoes is that they ask for nothing and then teach you how to earn an online income first! From then on, to get yourself into a position where you benefit from the commission structure, you need to invest approximately $39/month to maintain an ”executive affiliate” position.


Verdict: Legit/Not Legit

Yes SFI is a legit company and has been around for many years.

My Final Opinion of SFI

Overall I have been fairly happy to be involved with SFI but have found it difficult to market especially with the Facebook issue. I believe that exists because there are so many affiliates and Facebook is not too happy with the way SFI has been marketed there previously. Within the FB business pages, you can generally be involved.

The SFI compensation plan is complicated and although you can earn from a few different sources, a great deal of time is required to learn the system and then promote it.

I would recommend that anybody who wants to learn about affiliate marketing, give SFI a try. The training course mentioned above, The Launchpad, taking you through the basics of SFI, is very good. There is also an Internet Income Course that is very good. The great thing about me recommending this to you is that you can sign up for free and get access immediate access to good sound teaching, that has helped me a lot in my time with SFI

Would I Join SFI Now again?

The straightforward answer to that is no and I say that purely because I have found Wealthy Affiliate.

All the issues I have with SFI are fully covered by the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I personally am totally blown away by what I have found in WA as it is known. They literally take you by the hand and show you exactly how to make money online and as you learn you are putting your training into practice.

WA Training is truly awesome. By clicking on the Read More Button below, please go to my Review where you can read more about Wealthy Affiliate for yourself.

Take Care

Colin Thomson

2 Replies to “Strong Future International”

  1. Colin, I agree that this looks like a worthwhile affiliate to know but it is probably best for North Americans. Being out here in your ex-antipodean country, delivery costs are significant to us as so much comes from other countries.

    I did an opposing move to yours. I was born in Cornwall, grew up in Canada and then came to visit Australia. My mum was Australian and all her family were over here. I came for a year in 1973 and, with a few exceptions, have been here ever since.

    Nice to meet you and read your review.


    1. hi Helen
      I do agree with you about SFI.
      If you are in the States or I assume Canada too then you should be ok
      as shipping costs will not be a problem.
      Thanks for your feedback

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