ShareASale Product Review – ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale Product Review – ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale Review

Name: ShareASale
Price: FREE
Owner: Brian Littleton
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

As a ShareASale affiliate you open the doors to possibly enjoying commissions beyond what you could achieve as a new affiliate without your own products. I highly recommend you explore my review and see if ShareASale is for you.

ShareASale, Product Overview

ShareASale is a merchant agent if you like, having around 3000 merchants for an affiliate to choose to market.

You join for free, setup your account, and then browse the list of merchants throughout the site. Dependant on your niche, you search for products and services suitable and make a request to the merchant directly through ShareASale, to market the products and/or services you would think, suits your website best.

Once approved, you collect links and banners, go to your website, create posts and promote to your hearts content.

That is the beauty of ShareASale and I thoroughly enjoy the ease of using ShareASale to build my business interests.

You can read about ShareASale over at Wikipedia which I think gives us most of the data we need to help make a fair assessment of who they are. ==> Wikipedia Data ShareASale

I market great affiliate programs and my niche is centred around business products to help business owners work their business in a more efficient manner. There are numerous merchants within ShareASale to help me do that too.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1. Really easy to sign up and begin assessing the site and merchants

2. While the site looks like a WordPress site, it is easy to navigate and everything I need is readily available

3. ”Commissions at a glance” is a handy feature for an affiliate marketer. After all that is why I use ShareASale!

4. As you build your merchant portfolio all information is readily available, including a list of which merchant and their product, is your most profitable earner. A great feature.

5. A Traffic report for each merchant includes, unique hits, sale and commission totals and is obtained easily.

6. Searching for merchants to promote is really straight forward and easy. You just wait for approval and once that comes through you can begin promoting immediately.

7. As a ShareASale affiliate there are numerous niche markets covered within their platform for you to choose from.

The Bad:

1. As a relative newcomer to affiliate marketing there is way too much information in regards to reports and data. I am assuming this information is great for successful and large Affiliate Marketers.
2. No obvious training or way to learn how to use the site fully

Who is ShareASale For?

Anyone intending to become an affiliate marketer can use ShareASale to help build their income potential, from Newbies to Seasoned Marketers. I have been generating commissions already after being with them for only a couple of weeks and if you choose merchant products that match your niche then you will do the same.

ShareASale Tools & Training

I didn’t find any training as such, but I found my way around, to get going, pretty easily. All the reporting and linking etc I will suss later.

The tools include text links and banners which is all I needed to place on my Website and as mentioned above, I began generating commissions with one merchant in particular, almost immediately.

ShareASale Support

The support offered with the product seems to be easily gained and as I have not had to ask for help yet I can’t really comment here just now!

ShareASale Price

Is free to join and ShareASale will make commissions on my marketing and the sales of the products I generate from my website. I am unsure of the figures for that but am happy with this arrangement because they have a platform that helps me grow my website and my own income. Win Win as far as I am concerned.

My Final Opinion of ShareASale

Having been with ShareASale for 4 weeks (January 2018) I am very happy so far and have no hesitation in recommending them to everyone. Whether you are new to internet and affiliate marketing or a seasoned professional, there is something for everyone within the ShareASale platform.

As a ShareASale affiliate I am already happy that I have joined this company, as  I aim to grow my own online portfolio of affiliate programs, I am associated with.

ShareASale at a Glance…

Name: ShareASale

Owner: Brian Littleton
Price: FREE
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100


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