Realhitz4u Manual Traffic Exchange

Realhitz4u Manual Traffic Exchange

Realhitz4u Manual Traffic Exchange Review

Name: Realhitz4u
Price: Free
Owners: Sean Supplee
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100


Realhitz4u – The Beginning

Sean Supplee, the Owner and Administrator of Real Hitz 4 U, is a great marketer and his traffic exchange is among the best. Sean is someone who cares about his clients and the industry in general a heck of a lot and has a good reputation in the industry.

RealHitz4u - Feel The Punch

Some RealHitz4u Features

  • You get Random Referrals as a pro level member, bringing you more traffic
  • Excellent surf ratios – meaning the more you surf – the more you earn
  • Activity bonuses – be active and be rewarded for your efforts
  • Great banner advertising – Your ads are shown throughout the site
  • Fantastic customer service to get your questions and concerns answered quickly
  • You get instant site approval and activation – Which gets your site up immediately

Getting Traffic To Your Site In Minutes is Essential

Traffic exchanges offer an incredible way to drive unlimited free traffic to your websites and Realhitz4u is right up there among the best.

Hundreds of thousands of people are joining traffic exchanges every day to take advantage of amazing free traffic from resources like Realhitz4u and you need to be one of them!

If you have a website and you want everyone to see it, then traffic exchanges like Realhitz4u are a great way to get your site noticed.

Realhitz4u has some key features that set apart from other sites.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1. You only need to surf for 6 seconds before going to next site
2. Very easy to create an account and get your sites into the system
3. Banner ads for your site are shown throughout their site

The Bad:

1. Affiliates of the same opportunity promote the same website link
2. Surfing can be a waste of time so a need to buy credits emerges
3. You need thousands of visitors before you can get meaningful roi

Who is Realhitz4u For?

Newbies or seasoned marketers can make use of this traffic exchange because it is well known and you will get results. You can surf for free and get credits you can assign to your site when you have finished for the day. Or as you can see you can buy credits to get guaranteed visitors to your site as per the picture below. (rates may change and theis is a screenshot taken from my site December 2017)

Realhitz4u Tools & Training

There is little to no training but that is because setting up for your surfing on traffic exchanges is pretty straight forward. If you join under me, I will help to get you started, no problems at all. There are the usual promtion tools including affiliate links, banners, splash pages etc all easily found for you to use wherever you wish.

Realhitz4u Support

Support is easily engaged and there are lists of frequently asked questions for you to browse too. Not having had to use the support facility myself, I cannot give you a full appraisal there!

Realhitz4u Price

Free to start and then you can buy credits at anytime during your sessions.

My Final Opinion of Realhitz4u

Realhitz4u is the real deal and I highly recommend you use this traffic tool as another way to get traffic to your affiliate links and also to your own websites and remember – this is free traffic if you just surf!

Realhitz4u at a Glance…

Name: Realhitz4u

Owners: Sean Supplee
Price: Free
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100


RealHitz4u - Feel The Punch

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