Online Business Education Degree

Online Business Education Degree

How do you go about getting an online business education degree in todays internet world?

More to the point how much does an online business education degree cost in terms of finance, time and commitment?

These are the points I will explore in this article and my aim is to shed some light, highlighting to you, other areas and ways, that you can gain a degree level education and be able to profit from it, before you get to the end of your studies.

Traditional Online Business Education Degree

To begin, thinking abut a degree of any sort, tells me that you are thinking long term.

I do understand a few things about anyone wanting to get a fantastic education and these are primarily that you have a desire to have a great and secure career, a decent stable income, work in a rewarding industry, gain respect from peers and family, give to society/work place your skill and passion to better the world you work in.

I love those who have a desire to use their minds and talents for the greater good and the above desires are fantastic goals and dreams worth aspiring to. My daughter will complete her Degree in July 2018 and I know the time and effort she has put in, the dedication it takes to get to the top of your potential, in an area that you love.

My education has been interesting in the sense, I have my Electrical training and education and I have also earned a Diploma in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry. I understand the time and effort that it takes to earn a traditional online business education degree.

The Costs Involved with Attaining a Degree

A degree does not only cost a substantial amount in time investment and personal sacrifice, but there is great financial cost required too.

Your education can cost $35,000 – $50,000, depending on your chosen field of study and of course, where you are hoping to study, too. The cost of relocation and funding a flat or house and the thought of possibly having to work part-time, to help with these costs, all let the world know, you are pretty serious about wanting that degree and prepared to do almost anything to get there and achieve it.

So the costs of attaining your degree are significant and will stretch you for a few years after you have graduated too, unless you are one of the lucky few who get a stroke of fortune and end up in their dream job, in the dream location with their dream partner.

It can and does happen – but not to everyone!

What type of Online Business Education Degree am I Referring To?

Anyone that studies any topic will realize or will soon, that there is always something more to learn.

An expert in any field will only remain an expert if they keep studying, keep researching, keep learning, because if they don’t, they will fall behind, or others will catch them up and that expert status or that level of learning, will not be as influential over time.

An online education really is the best type of education you can gain and if you choose carefully, your field of endeavor, and it is something you love and are passionate about, then your studies can go on forever and it does not need to cost much at all.

What if I was to tell you I am studying Internet Marketing and I will attain a degree level education, over time, and it is only costing me $351.00 a year?

What if I told you that I am studying what I really love and I have the full support of mentors and a community of like-minded people, who are miles ahead of me in their online business education degree and are willing to help me, grow and mature in my chosen field, at no extra cost!

You see there are such Educational Facilities available, depending on exactly what you want to achieve in your life, if you know where to look.

What is Your Passion?

If you already have a passion and your chosen field of expertise does not require certification, for legal standing and obvious reasons, then why not consider, seriously, an Internet Marketing Career.

An online business education does not have to be complicated.

There are millions of niche markets out there for you to create your own business, in anything at all.

If you are passionate about sport, music, medicine, law, education, driving, diving, photography, film making, stamp collecting, fashion, traveling, geography, economics, motor bikes, tanks, airplanes, trains, shipping, mountaineering, space, planets, suns, theology, philosophy…… Whatever your passion is you can turn it into an income with a little help and guidance.

To wake up every day, knowing that you are going to be doing what you love, either in your own office, at home or somewhere on your travels, in my opinion is, the ultimate expression of creativity, self-improvement and personal ambition, that will and does lead to self fulfillment, of the highest order.

When you are passionate about something, time flies and the rewards for whatever you do, (that is benefiting others), will bring you joy, happiness and fulfillment, beyond the best that ”normal working life” can offer.

To gain an online business education degree is an ongoing way of life. Yes there are certificates along the way, milestones to achieve, rewards and goal achievement to celebrate and while you may not have a piece of paper showing you your degree, you can be miles ahead of the rest financially and personally, in a self-employed kind of way.

You could still chase that degree for sure and there are countless institutions out there waiting to take your cash, but remember you can never be guaranteed a job or a career!


In concluding this passionate article about an online business education degree, I hope I have touched the heart and mind of many of you considering a long term education in the traditional ways, giving you insight into another way of achieving that potential you have, physically and mentally.

You see, if you are wanting to study to degree level or beyond, then I know you have drive and passion, determination and foresight, and while these are all admirable characteristics, why waste years and enter long term debt, if you are not 100% sure of being amongst the elite few who will go on and succeed, as they were possibly destined to, in the secular world.

There are many amazing alternatives and I ask that you seriously consider getting an online education with the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Here at the Wealthy Affiliate University I am learning about my chosen niche, Affiliate Marketing, and the learning I have had, the tuition I have been given, has astounded me. I am Earning as I am Learning!

I have already built a business website, learned marketing principles including how not to upset Google, have engaged with some incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and educated people, who are helping me more than in any of the previous 4-5 years to attain my own goals and dreams, within the Internet Marketing world.

All You Have To Do Is Take A Look For Yourself Today.

Take Care


ps I would love to read your comments about anything in my article and please share this with all those who are looking for that something different in their Education too

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