Make Money With Your Word Press Blog

Make Money With Your Word Press Blog

Having joined the Wealthy Affiliate Community as an avid student, as someone who is keen to learn and get ahead with the best, I would also like to draw your attention to a terrific Affiliate Marketer in Missy Ward and in particular to her book – Make Money With Your Word Press Blog.

This is an amazingly simple book and I have read others comment, ”I read it in 20 minutes and didn’t learn much”.

Let me just say to you that this 50 page, paper back book, is one of my most read books. It has pages bent at the top, scribble marks throughout and I have read it through about 5 times, as of the writing of this blog post, and I am still learning from it.

I thoroughly recommend that you get this book for yourself and read it alongside what you learn here within the Wealthy Affiliate community and learn from both of these outstanding teachers, because they compliment each other, so well.

I am a great fan of the teaching that I receive through Kyle and the University and BootCamp courses but do believe in learning from many successful online marketers.

This helps me to see things from different angles and build a better picture in my mind.

Take a 5 minutes and watch my YouTube review

 Learn From The Best

I am so grateful to have stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate and in fact can’t really remember how I did that but, sometimes life takes you on a few detours and this is definately one of those great strange twists, for me.

Even so, I cannot over emphasize, the value in this little 50 page book, yes just 50 pages, value that you can thank me for later in the comments below!

What Will I Learn?

Missy highlights a number of things about Affiliate Marketing and making money with your blog and some of them I list below

Find the best products and services to review

Find and implement related affiliate marketing links and creatives

Create the perfect monetized review post and make people want to share it

Stay legal during the process

These and in fact let me just take a photo and show you Missy Wards actual table of contents. That will make my job so much easier for you too.

Incredible Simple But Important Advice

On  page 14 Missy writes, ”If you want to generate traffic to your posts – along with clicks on your affiliate links – you need to solve a problem and fill a need. This is where you need to don a marketing hat and think critically about your site. Why do your readers visit your site? What attracts them to you? Do you make them feel less alone? Do you make them laugh? Do you help them see the world in a different way? Are you offering advice?

Once you get a fix on WHY they are coming to your blog, you can begin to identify the way that affiliate marketing will work on your site”.

Now this advice might seem straight forward but I was missing the point. I can write an ok post but it needs to have a purpose and I had to make a new blog because my previous blog just saw me sending out information with no real call to action. No real defined purpose.

Now with Great Affiliate Programs I am aiming at helping you find the great programs and also great teachers to help you improve yourself and your blogging leading to greater income and satisfaction.

In Conclusion Then

Missy Ward as an Affiliate Marketer,, is certainly someone you need to pay attention too and her book, Making Money With Your WordPress Blog, is a resource you will refer to time and time again to help you get ahead of the rest of the pack.

I hope you have enjoyed my post today and I also highly recommend to you Wealthy Affiliate University, as a resource and business opportunity, that you will feel good about being involved with!

Take Care

Colin Thomson

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