Life Goes On

Life Goes On

I’m loving how life goes on regardless of how we perceive it or try and influence it!

Life goes on – the long way ahead!

Over the last few months, I’ve made a few changes in my life, for the good, and I’m now able to come back to my blog that has just been sitting in the waves of space, for that same period of time without my attention, attracting traffic and expanding its reach.

When I began my new blog,, I wrote a lot of content, in fact, all of it to date was a matter of fact, in other words, I taught those who came across this blog, exactly what Affiliate Marketing is and how to make it work for you!

But now the time has come for me to remove the veil, not that I had one intentionally, but I am going to let you get to know me, Colin Thomson, the author, creator and maintainer!


Because people trust people.

They chase information.

But they want to follow and know people, even in this age of hiding online!

So I hope you enjoy getting to know me and if you have any questions or remarks then please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this page.

Life Goes On behind the scenes

I decided to return to Australia after a 17-year stint in the UK, having gone over in 2001 for a 3 week holiday with my wife and our two children at the time. We decided to stay in the UK for a number of reasons, one being I could get work immediately after a time of unemployment in Australia and the other being my ex-wife was English and she missed her family and friends greatly.

Life goes on and back to the UK

Life goes on and also things change, life’s circumstances change, people change and we need to be flexible and able to roll with the waves if you like, take the knocks and get back up no what those challenges are! I have had a few over the last few years and I’m back on my feet again :).

So fast forward to today, 11-08-2018, and my life goes on too and having made a massive decision to return to Australia permanently, I find myself with mixed emotions but overall very happy with how things are working out.

I love both the UK and Australia but my extended family is here and so the decision to return to the land of my birth, while a difficult one, seems to be a good and proper one to have made.

Electrical License Issues

While I am an Affiliate Marketer, my main source of income right now is as an Electrician and after working in the UK for so long my Australian license has expired and I haven’t been able to just walk into a job as I had hoped. That has proven to be a challenge, one of patience and also financially, but life goes on and is what you make of it.

I did know that I would have to do a rules and regulations update of some sort but thought I would have been able to get employment in the meantime and maybe complete a course at night!

Life goes on and Sparky Colin back to it in Oz

But that isn’t the case anymore here in Oz and I am actually glad about that because carrying out electrical work efficiently and safely is the concern of every Licensing Authority and I respect that very much. So as you can see life goes on and I have been networking, applying for a few jobs and speaking to agencies to suss where the goal posts are on the playing fields.

Wages and salaries are better here than in the UK and I have been fortunate that some of my nephew’s friends are electricians and so I know what rates of pay I will be able to negotiate at interview stage. I’ll just need to remind future employers that I am an Aussie and not Pom, (term of endearment for English folk in Oz), and that I know my value!

Having completed the one-week refresher course with the CET in Joondalup I will now be granted my full WA Electrical license and so onward and upward we go.

Australian Rules Football

My favourite sport on the planet is Australian Rules and having been away from Oz for so long, you guessed it life goes on, but the way game is played today is nothing like in my time, many moons ago. To me, it seems that it has developed into a basketball type style where both teams run the entire length of the ground constantly. Flooding the forward zone of a team to make scoring incredibly hard.

Life goes on, the best game on the planet

Certainly, the fitness levels and athleticism of the players today, at the top level, is phenomenal and I am amazed at the mileage they all make. Some of the onballer type players are covering 14-15 km’s a game and that is no mean feat, believe me.

As a spectacle though, it does seem to still have as much excitement as ever and this year sees the competition so evenly poised, in the fight for the last few spots in the top 8 for finals, which sets up all games over the next 2-3 weeks as going to be fantastic.

My favourite team Brisbane are still rebuilding after a lot of players retired after the glory days, where they won 3 flags in a row, but they are progressing well now and have had a fairly competitive year, and has pushed some of the top teams right to the end of the game. Hopefully, Brisbane will learn from those near wins and carry their new-found momentum into next year where I am hoping they will finally make a push for finals footy again.

Life Back in Australia

When I left the Uk in June this year, the UK was beginning what turned out to be their best summer in decades and I was sort of not bothered because I was returning to the land of sun and golden beaches and knew there was a lot of sun on the way and blue skies too. But the winter here has been a long and drawn out affair with plenty of rain and into August so far Perth has had its wettest start in 40 years. Oh well, life goes on and when the rain has stopped and the sun has come out I have gone straight to the beach and loved the time spent there.

Life goes on in the sun and on golden beaches too

I have even walked the beach in the middle of a storm with a break in the rain because I absolutely love the beach and for me, it is a place where I can relax and meditate on anything and everything, just listening to the waves breaking on the shore whether that be gently or not so gentle.

Life in Australia is great and I am really glad to be here again, for many reasons.

Extended family is here and the network of relatives and their friends is awesome so all bodes well for a new future here.

I will most certainly miss catching up with my children on a regular basis who are still in the UK but they all seem relatively happy that I have returned to the place of my birth and they are looking forward to holidays in the land down under over the years ahead.

I will be aiming to return to the UK for holidays on an annual basis to catch up with my kids and the great friends I made along the way because the UK is a wonderful place to have lived and I have many fond memories of my time on the other side of the world.

In Conclusion

So why have written about me rather than great affiliate programs in this blog post?

I decided to reveal myself to you, my readers, so that you can get to know the man behind the blog, the man behind the internet, that can so unpersonalise a service as affiliate marketing, and by doing that you can begin a new journey with me as I seek and find affiliate programs to join and promote.

The 2 great affiliate programs I am involved with directly now are Wealthy Affiliate, read more here and with Jaazy, read more here too.

As you will find out I am just an ordinary bloke, who loves the internet and if you have read this far I know you do too.

Over the next few weeks and months, I think I’m going to introduce Australia to you and I hope you enjoy the journey of getting to know me and the fantastic land I live in.

I’m going to certainly share some of the time in the UK also and there are some funny stories to tell there too.

If you want to know more about my online business leave a question below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Take Care


Colin Thomson




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