Inside Spa in Nelson

Inside Spa in Nelson

Going to a Sauna and Spa, to let your hair down and simply relax for a couple of hours, is an amazing experience and the Inside Spa in Nelson is second to none, in Lancashire UK.

In this review, I am sharing from personal experience, how wonderful the place is, from your welcome at reception, to the cleanliness of the center itself, you will be impressed.

This is my opinion of course and that’s the beauty of having your own Blog. Self Expression!

I hope you enjoy my review and that you could go along and personally experience the Inside Spa in Nelson Uk for yourself one day too.

The Inside Spa in Nelson Lancashire is an amazing place to spend some time being pampered and letting the cares of the world melt away, as you simply relax and let go. My review is more of a praise report because the premises are in superb condition, well maintained, cleaned to a very high standard and the staff are amazing.

What is Inside Spa?

Inside Spa is a new health suite with thermal experiences for all having been renewed just over a year ago.

There are six different thermal experiences combining heat, humidity, light and fragrance to stimulate the senses, ensuring you have a wonderful time and fantastic value for your hard earned money.

Each room has its own environment with fragrance to suit the seasons, and thermal experiences that will be savored until the next visit.

All rooms are within a horseshoe shaped center, surrounding the jacuzzi, and have an awesome atmosphere, with chill out music gently playing in the background, throughout.

What’s in Inside Spa?

You can go and check out their website for yourself but very briefly, here is what you get….

VITALITY POOL – a great big Jacuzzi is how I describe it, but that’s a bloke describing something of beauty :). Seriously though the jets of warm water do the job in any which way you need or want. I like to lie down and have the water massage the muscles I have just worked on, in the gym upstairs, another superb facility at the Wavelengths Complex.

AROMA STEAM & SALT STEAM ROOMS – each of the steam rooms have a different atmosphere and purpose than the saunas and the steam generated, complete with aromas, tends to soften and refresh the skin. I also find this is good for my lungs and sinuses, after the sauna, which dries and heats your body differently.

VITALITY SAUNA – The benefits of the Vitality Sauna (@ 80-100 degC) are to cleanse and detoxify the skin, relieve tired aching joints and muscles while increasing circulation. Dunno how it does all this but it does and this is my favourite place at Inside Spa. Really relaxing and a great place to get rid of a bit of excess fluids!

MUD CHAMBER – Spent one session in here with my wife and it was a bit strange spreading mud all over each other lol but the skin most certainly did feel cleansed for the next few days.

FOOT SPAS – a great place to sit, relax and meditate after being in the Vitality sauna. I let the foot spa do its job massaging my feet while I get ready for the next round of jacuzzi, sauna and steam.

EXPERIENCE SHOWERS – Just as the tin says, you can have a cold rinse, a hot tropical and an inbetween to wash off the toxins that your body is eliminating during your session. Pleasant and refreshing in itself.

ICE FOUNTAIN – goes without saying that you will need a refreshing iced water to keep you going in your 2 hour session.

HERBAL SAUNA – I normally start my time in the spa here after a shower as the temperature is only about 50-60 degC and is a nice way to build into the rest of the experience.

Why is Inside Spa So Good?

The reasons Inside Spa in Nelson is so good are many. Here are just a few…….

1. It is a state of the art centre and only a year old.

2. The staff are incredible – professional, friendly and know their stuff and from the moment you enter the Spa, you are transformed into a different environment, a quiet, relaxing nice place to be.

3. My wife works there and I had to include this point because she adds to the place, her gentle touch 🙂 !!

What is the Unique Selling Point of Inside Spa?

I think the number one USP of Inside Spa in Nelson is the staff.

Bev, the Spa Manager, has does an amazing job building an amazing team to ensure you have a brilliant experience and want to come back again and again.

You can have a great place and rubbish staff, a rubbish place and great staff or in a unique place and time, both great staff in a great place.

Inside Spa is that unique place where the staff are truly professional, working in a great center and I recommend it to everyone!

In Conclusion

For a treat, for a getaway, for a break from exercising, for a hen party, for a blokes get together, for sports recovery or for any number of reasons, I highly recommend a session in this state of the art center, the sauna and spa, in particular.

If you are reading this in Lancashire, pop over to Nelson and be treated like a star.

For more information go to their website here ==>

For social media go here for Facebook ==>…

Take Care

Col Thomson

Inside Spa Nelson Lancashire
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Inside Spa Nelson Lancashire
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10 Replies to “Inside Spa in Nelson”

  1. Holy cow that’s a fancy spa! I’ve never gotten the chance to go to one but for a first time, I would definitely go to this one. I’ve heard of the health benefits that that a spa provides like skin detoxing and better circulation, so that’s even more incentive to go to one. Did you know it helps with weight too? My friend told me about that one

  2. Wow. Wish we had something that sophisticated here. I would love to go there. I will have to put this on my travel destination list. Spas are actually considered hydrotherapy in alternative medicine courses. I love the pictures. I agree the staff does make all the difference in a business. Great review.

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback and if you end up in our part of the world get in touch and we’d hopefully help you enjoy your trip. I’m so glad people are understanding while this is a beautiful place, it is about peoples health and vitality, that is why Spas exist. Take Care

  3. Very relaxing atmosphere! I love the design and how many different services are available. I have always wanted to try out the salt rooms. I have read about the benefits of this treatment. Anything from drug treatment to asthma.

    1. If you can just imagine some easy going music in the background you’ll get the whole feel of the place. Brilliant. Yes it is all the health benefits that are really how we should see a Spa. If people can afford it I really hope they find a Sauna and Spa nearby and go benefit too.

  4. No matter how good a place, it always comes down to the staff! Thanks for mentioning them as they can make or break a spa day.

    I personally use a spa to heal up after a day at the boxing gym, All the aches and pains seem to just fall away once you get in the sauna. That plus a quick dip in the ice bath is perfect!

    have you got a record time spent under the ice fountain? 😀

    1. Hi Jake. Thanks for your comments and affirmation of the benefits of a session in the Spa. The physical benefits are always great and for me it is the mental relaxation that comes as a bonus. The record for time spent in the ice fountain – Nope, never done what you are asking I’m a woose. The fountain is for drinking out of :). Take Care and thanks for your comments.

    1. Hi Israel thanks for stopping by and leaving useful feedback for me. Absolutely anyone can use the the Spa facilities and I am sure the staff would be surprised and honored if people start coming from overseas destinations to frequent the premises. Get in touch if that is in your plans!
      Take Care

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