How Good Is Pinterest?

How Good Is Pinterest?

How good is Pinterest?

This really is a question I have never asked myself, or for that matter, I have never asked anyone else either. Out of pure interest I am going to do just that, ask people how good is Pinterest, over the next few days, and as I do that, I will create this new post and share my results with you, to see if Pinterest is, in fact, a good marketing tool or just a social media site.

What is Pinterest?

Lisa Arthur, a well-known contributor to writes about Pinterest
”The concept behind Pinterest is deceptively simple. Users employ a “bookmarklet” button installed in their browser to pin images to virtual boards, usually according to a particular theme or purpose. Each image is backed by a click-through link leading to the web page where it was discovered. Users can also check out boards created by others and “like,” “repin” or comment on what they find. Simple hasn’t hurt Pinterest, though—in fact, it’s half the appeal. Pinterest is easy to use, easy to browse and offers such a wide range of content that almost everyone can find something to enjoy.

Of course, a big part of the buzz around Pinterest lies in the reality that the largest demographic in that 10 million (and growing!) visitor base is a red-hot marketer target: twenty- and thirty-something women. What’s more, women of all ages make up 80 percent of the subscriber base –perhaps attributable to the highly visual nature of Pinterest boards, often curated according to themes like, “My Personal Style” or “Kitchen Reno” or “Wedding Ideas”.” Read Full Article Here.

I couldn’t really sum up Pinterest any better and Lisa’s article is superb, so please do read the rest, if you haven’t already.

Can You Make Money With Pinterest?

I personally would say no to that specific question but add – that Pinterest is a channel or a medium through which you can get traffic to your offer, to your splash or landing pages, where you then may or may not make a sale. I can’t see how anyone can actually make money with Pinterest yet, but who knows in the future.

I may be missing a trick here and if I am, I would really appreciate you mentioning this in the comments below, not just for me, but for all those who will read this article in the future. How do I know that people will read this? Because I have been taught by the best and the keywords used here will see traffic come to my post and you will get referrals yourself. So please do comment below!

Pinterest vs Facebook

With Facebook, you can make money and it will cost you to do so. FB is constantly making me offers to ”promote my latest post” by suggesting they will drive X amount of traffic to my post if I pay them a certain sum. I have tried that a few times and yes they will get eyeballs on your post but I haven’t had any direct feedback yet from the 2-3 times I have taken FB up on their offer.

With Pinterest, I just enjoy posting my latest articles to my various boards and while I do wonder what effect they are having to my marketing, I actually enjoy browsing over my favourite boards of those of others too. I really enjoy fitness and health, nutrition, travel and well-being and have recently decided to add affiliate marketing to my browsing interests. This really has proven to be fruitful because, as I have said before, nobody knows it all and there is always something to learn. I love the internet.

The visual impact of Pinterest really gets me hands down every time and with Facebook it takes a certain picture or comment, to actually get my attention properly. With Pinterest, it doesn’t matter who the ”poster” is because if the picture is appealing, then it gets my attention!

FB posts seem to be all too familiar unless it is from someone I know and especially a friend or close acquaintance who I haven’t heard from, for a while. I don’t know about you but I will not pay much attention to what has been written and just seem to run my eyes over the words. There has to be something almost magical, to make me pay attention to an FB post these days.

So which is better for me and for my marketing?

I can’t make a final decision here, so I will say both have their own merits and therefore I will continue to use both until one or the other proves better to me.

Results of My Surveying People

Out of absolute curiosity, I did ask people that question…… How good is Pinterest? and my results varied quite a lot. Some people have never heard of Pinterest. Some use it all the time to research things like household furniture, clothes, especially wedding dresses. Some even looked for fishing rods and gorgeous girls lol.

My observation then is that people use Pinterest for that purely visual dynamic. The old saying that a picture paints a thousand words is certainly ringing true with Pinterest and having done this minor research, if you are good at photography or drawing etc and have a creative flair, then get into Pinterest, because it is for you!!

In Conclusion 🙂

Some people are visual, some are sensory, some people process data mathematically. We are a bright and varied species here on planet earth, so Pinterest is definitely an effective medium for business and absolutely for pleasure and home searches too.

My little study here of Pinterest has most certainly inspired me to become more involved with Pinterest and I encourage you, whoever has read this far, to treat Pinterest a bit more seriously, as I will from now on too.

Take Care – Colin Thomson

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4 Replies to “How Good Is Pinterest?”

  1. Thank you so much for this awesome article.I have been hearing about Pinterest but i have not boarder to check how that will benefit my internet marketing,but your article has encourage me on how i can benefit from Pinterest and how good it is.Is it free to sign up?Thank you for this information

    1. Thanks for commenting Stella. Yes Pintrest is an interesting social media platform and yes it is free to join and market your sites too. Have fun and good luck.


  2. Hey Colin,

    Your post is intriguing. Great question.

    Pinterest has been somewhat of a given for me and have just accepted it as a behemoth that exists on the internet that can be quite entertaining.

    I am not sure I get it entirely however I find the interaction and posts interesting often benefiting from the insight of others.

    My daughter loves it and is quite obsessed with it. She is an artist by trade and finds more in it than myself.

    The approach you took on your post was helpful in exploring further. Thank you for that.

    Good luck to you.

    1. Thanks for commenting Robert. That is interesting your daughter loving Pintrest and confirms my research about women loving Pintrest. Sounds like marketing there, with the right niche, would see success come quickly!



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