Home Office Equipment List

Home Office Equipment List

There is so much interest in making money online today and rightly so in this day and age but I thought I would be a little light-hearted in my blog today and write about my Home Office Equipment List.

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Having worked from home for a fair while, running both an Electrical Business (8 years) and an Affiliate Marketing Business (5-6 years part-time), I thought this would be a good topic of interest for those new to or those just starting out in a home based business!

What Would Be On A Home Office Equipment List?

Well, let’s make a list of everything that I have on my desktop today and let us see how I can narrow it down later to essentials for a home startup!

This is obviously going to be my list and you may or may not have a similar list, but here goes.

1. Stationary

Sticky notepad, A5 Notebook, A4 notebook

Jar of pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, blue tack, paper clips, sticky tape, ruler, stapler, hole punch

Address book

Filing system

2. Motivation/Education

Motivational and Research Books



Pictures of family

3. Electronics



Mouse and mouse pad for wrist




Extra socket outlets

Mobile Phone and chargers

4. Refreshments

Favourite Coffee Cup

Coaster for my drinks

5. Filing

Backup copies of all passwords in a notebook

All note-taking and research carried out over the years

Bills, Invoices, directory of opportunities joined,

Internet hosting, phone bills

List of domain providers and where websites hosted

Hard copies of eBooks I print off and scrobble over for research

6. Health & Safety

Comfortable desk chair

Desk/over headlamp

The Uses of Items in The List?

As you can see the list really mounts up without even thinking about it and I am amazed how many things I actually have on and around my desk.

I actually might have to do something about decluttering the desk space and see if that helps me in any way. That could be another blog post for the future too 🙂

When I ran up this home office equipment check list I tried to include even the smallest item because when you are say writing in your journal, sometimes you need to refer or go back to previous entries.

Having all the items you may need, available, makes life a heck of a lot easier and when you need to get something done you can without any fuss at all. This just helps especially as we are in the business of content creation!

We need no distractions!

Not all items will be needed all the time, but every now and then you will need a whatever and like right now, so it is good to have a comprehensive home office supplies list generated and the items sourced and added to draws or neatly stored on your desk!

Relative Importance of Items in The List

A basic office equipment list must have some essential items and I suppose my essentials suit my personality and they would be in no particular order, laptop, printer, journal, A5 notebook, few pens, descent filing system, headphones and some valuable motivation!

 I really enjoy putting on my headphones and either meditating to relax or to help program my brain for success, so they have become an important asset too.

My Top 3 Most Important Items

 From my home office equipment list, how can I now narrow this down to my top 3 most important items?

I mentioned above that maybe I should declutter my desk and I suppose that is what I am doing here right now with this list so that I can be more focused on my tasks when I get started at whatever I am doing at that moment.

This is actually both really simple and really hard because I could write the answer right now, not having thought this through yet, or I could go away and think about it for a while on purpose.

For the purpose of this blog post, I am going to brainstorm my answer in the very next sentence and try and take as little time as possible.

So Here Goes

My top three items I need on my desk are my laptop, my mouse and pad and my journal.

There that was both a bit stressful but I think sums up what being a blogger is all about!

Laptop – Some people love a Desktop computer and monitor but as I haven’t owned one for years I am pretty used to working from a laptop and when I travel most of the time it gets packed and comes with me.

Mouse and Pad – I enjoy using a mouse and find it really handy for browsing and just generally scrolling through my site etc. Having a Pad with wrist support has become essential too.

Journal – to refer back to all your learning, when needed or to add something just learned!


How are you going in developing your own home office supplies checklist?

I do hope you have been working on that, at least subconsciously, as you have read this article.

You might even consider this to be a home office essentials list after I have injected some curiosity into your mind about your office setup.

Maybe you have never thought about a home office set-up before but now that you have become an entrepreneur you might even need to consider a business office equipment list for your home and I do really hope as I write this light-hearted article, that I have helped you in some way.

The only other thing I have thought of but not discussed is that you should also consider a home office supplies list, for sourcing and obtaining, cost-effective office supplies, on a regular basis. Printer paper and ink are the first things that come to mind!

Hope this has helped and any ideas and comments to help me out would be appreciated below too.

Take Care


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Take Care

Colin Thomson

My Home Office Equipment List.
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My Home Office Equipment List.
There is so much interest in making money online today and rightly so in this day and age but I thought I would be a little light-hearted in my blog today and write about my Home Office Equipment List.
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