Affiliate Marketing – No Product – No Worries – Promote Other Peoples Products

The Exciting Affiliate Marketing business model, while not new, is a brilliant opportunity to participate in.

Read on and learn how you can be involved in this wonderful industry too.

Savvy minded business people recognize ways to make money and they learned very quickly with this new medium – The Internet, to sell other peoples products. There was money to be made and it was going to happen.

Yep – Sell other peoples products.

Again while this principle is not new it took on a whole new meaning with the Internet. As an Affiliate Marketer there these things to NOT Consider…… Storage problems. Stock issues. Help desk calls to make. Refund issues. Direct selling door to door. Facing those ‘’no’s’’.

As an affiliate, our sole objectives are to build a website, find the products we want for that website and get traffic!! The Merchant is responsible for their products, the distribution of them and the customer care and follow up. We must also ensure our readers and subscribers are happy too but that is about relationship and not so much about the merchant side of things!

With affiliate marketing, as I am describing here, there is also No team building, which means there are no comparisons to network marketing or pyramid schemes at all, and all the gray areas in between. Our marketing is on 2 levels really. Promote products for sale and promote the platform we are using to sell the products. No multi level, as this is all one level. This in itself brings relief to so many people when they consider an internet marketing career!

Just build a website, monetize it and promote your program too, if you wish!

While Affiliate Marketing, initially managed to gain a bad reputation, as people built rubbish, low-quality websites and tried to make quick cash under the heading of, ‘’get-rich-quick’’, which we all know does not happen – the current opportunities in Affiliate Marketing, cannot be neglected.

What Has Changed?

The days of low quality websites and rubbish offers are disappearing very quickly as people are becoming more and more discerning in their use of the internet. You still need to keep your wits about you because where this is cash flow, there will be scammers!

Online today you will find some amazingly well presented, authentic websites and blogs, full of rich useful information, to help you in whatever niche you are researching.

Successful affiliates earn an income by supplying their readers and subscribers with this great content and because of its high value, they get more targeted visitors to their websites and therefore better chances of making sales.

A win-win situation for all concerned.

Affiliate Marketers today, make people want to buy the things they promote, because their free content is so good and adds value to their readers lives, in some form or another.

How Did Things Change?

When Affiliate Marketing started to make a huge impact online, Big Businesses began paying close attention and soon realized that their enormous advertising budgets were a huge drain on their resources.

There had to be a better way.

The marketing managers of these large corporations ‘’surprisingly noticed”, Affiliate incomes rising and Company profit margins were on the increase too, so they had to pay attention!

The likes of sporting stores, fashion shops, big name brands, all began to adopt their own affiliate marketing strategies, making offers to Affiliates, that paved the way for win-win marketing, increased sales and increased profits to both, companies and affiliates.

Big business had learned that Affiliates were a great resource because they could and were marketing their products to places where they could never reach and secondly they only ever had to pay out, when a sale was made.

This made great sense to most Business’s and the Affiliate Marketing Industry boomed and in fact has grown so much, with expected sales to increase over the next 5 years to $6.7 billion in the USA alone. This is not a saturated market and there is money to be made by all.

So What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?

Affiliate marketing is a principle that involves a blogger or website owner, promoting other peoples products and services, on their own websites.

The “affiliate” sends traffic to a website such as Amazon, EBay, ClickBank, etc and any sales that are made, through these referrals, results in commissions for the affiliate marketer. (You can read more about Affiliate Marketing here).

This is an incredibly powerful business model, for those in Internet Marketing, because you do not have to create your own product, even if you are just about to get started.

In Affiliate Marketing you simply have to promote whatever you like, from almost any type of product or service on the planet today, on a well-made and managed platform, one that you have personal access too, all the time.

In essence Affiliate Marketing allows you to create an online income around anything you actually really enjoy doing.

Who Can Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketers come from all sorts of lifestyle backgrounds, they are photographers, movie goers, stamp collectors, train spotters, athletes, pet lovers, travelers, meditation experts, fashion designers, sports people, business men and women, investors, writers etc.

Bloggers or website owners, are simply people who have their own website and share their passion for their
something, with anybody who stumbles across their website and they generate a cash flow, by referring their readers, to relevant products and services, that will provide their reader with a good or service, that will be of benefit to
them. That is our job specification if you like!

What Are Some Benefits of Being An Affiliate Marketer?

There are many, but here are some more obvious for your consideration.

Be your own boss – you simply have to use your own creative instincts and attract viewers to your website, who want what you are promoting, working when and where you want, without the hassle of someone looking over your shoulder all the time.

No Products, Storage or Shipping issues – you simply send your website visitors to your merchants website and receive payments when your reader buys products there. The company is responsible for the rest! Just think
of the last time you bought something from EBay!

Diversity – The ability to create a business around almost any topic and in pretty much any industry. Whatever and wherever your passion is, there will be a market.

Location freedom – All you need is your laptop and an internet connection for you to be in business and generate an income for the lifestyle you want.

No direct selling – Affiliate marketing isn’t about selling products uneccessarily. It is about highlighting to your reader, amazing products and services, that will help improve their lives.

Words of Caution

Scam affiliate programs – Some affiliate programs promise overnight riches with the click of a mouse. While this is very tempting, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is usually just a scam. Affiliate marketing
requires hard work, just like any other business. So be careful.

The Right Training is needed – Getting the right training is the absolute difference between success and failure in affiliate marketing. You really do need to follow a proven process, learning how to do things right, if you want to succeed online and then as you grow you can experiment, after you have the basics right.

Shiny Button Syndrome – This is something that applies to all businesses but especially affiliate marketing. There are so many affiliate programs and products/services to promote that you sometimes bounce from one to the next, so easily. It is really important to stick with one opportunity, until you see results. Choose well and Ignore the shiny objects.

What sort of income can affiliate marketers make?

Affiliate marketing is not get-rich-quick but a genuine business opportunity that requires education, dedication, focused determination and perseverance, to grasp the basics and turn this business model, into a success for yourself.

The affiliate marketing industry is predicted to grow incredibly over the next 5-10 years, and there is plenty of money to be made in many different niches. So work out what your passion is find a great platform to create your dream and go for it.

How much an affiliate can make, is directly related to the value they produce for the people coming to their blog or website and the amount of work you put into your business.

It is impossible to put a figure on how much you can make because there are too many variables including, your area of interest, your creativity, drive and determination to name just a few.

Many people though just test the waters and then give up at the first sign of hardship, while others will make a few mistakes, learn, persevere and implement the training they have received.

Success comes to those who learn, implement and never give up.

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most lucrative business models on the internet today and it has been documented that many internet marketers have built seven-figure incomes through promoting other people’s products alone. I have met some personally and know this to be true!

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is essentially a company that specifically provides various products for you to build a business and includes training and tutorials on how to get started and exactly what to do as an affiliate. You learn the essentials like how to build your own website, what SEO is, how to write great content, where to get your content inspiration, what are keywords etc.

This allows a complete novice or newbie, talking the lingo here, to get started online because they will have been provided with all the tools and training required, for them to understand the principles and begin to generate a cash flow.

The technology available in a great affiliate program allows many tasks to be fully automated, which has reduced the learning curve required for people to do things like, build a website, create landing pages and build lists of
subscribers. You can literally build a website within minutes today, even with no computer skill know how.

You can find such programs on the internet but it might take some time, so you might like to investigate the program I am involved with by reading more here.

What is the Next Step?

Affiliates only get paid per sale and therefore merchants are only paying commissions, when their products are sold. That is the big appeal to Merchants and becomes a win-win situation for both the affiliate merchant and for the affiliate marketers. As affiliates, we do not have the problem of product creation we find a great merchant or two and partner them to success.

So in Starting a profitable business, as an affiliate, you need the following included in a great platform…

1. A mentor – You will be overcome with information, guaranteed, with a load of questions that will need answering, so a mentor really is an essential key element to your business start up plan.

2. Products to promote – Finding a good merchant, with good products, is one of the most important steps on your affiliate journey, after you have your website up and running. Good products from that good merchant will see you build a profitable working relationship for years to come. This isn’t important in the first phase but is important in your planning with linking your passion to cash flow!

3. 24/7 help & assistance – Having a problem at midnight, that you want solved now, requires a great affiliate
program team, ready, willing and able to get you sorted then and there. Ensure this is part of any program you get involved with.

4. Personal Development – Your personal growth is one of the most important factors to your success. Setting out on an internet marketing career will be a test of your character and you will learn many valuable lessons about
yourself, life and business. Your business will grow in proportion to your personal growth and maturing in the process.

Where Can I Find A Great Affiliate Program?


In Summary

The most fundamental part of building a successful online affiliate business is finding an affiliate program, a platform, that you can plug straight into. A platform that will provide all the tools and training needed for starting a
profitable online business. Find this, add in your own desire, drive and determination and Success will follow.

Colin Thomson

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