Great and Insightful Information

Great and Insightful Information

When I talk of Internet Marketing and think of great and insightful information, I think of those who are successful, those who are where I want to be in the near future. Having met some incredibly successful marketers in the past and having gleaned small titbits of information from them, I wonder where I can go to get more great and insightful information.

Welcome to my article – Colin Thomson here. I hope that I can pass onto you some invaluable resources, an insight into where you might be able to gain inspiration for the articles you may produce in the future or for whatever reason you may need some excellent, useful info.

Where Can I Get Great, Insightful Information?

First of all, I think it is really important to know exactly what you want to know and learn. Typing ”where can I get great and insightful information” into google, brings so many vague results, that you need to narrow it down. Type in ”where can I get great and insightful information about affiliate marketing” and the results become less vague.

So in targeting the answers, you are looking for, you need to know your niche, and you need to know exactly what you are looking for. So let’s say I want to know ”how to gain an advantage over other affiliate marketers in my niche”. That is a little more specific and typing that into google, I actually only found 2 websites that might provide me with the information I am after!

So there must be a bit more to it than just typing words into Google then. Google is the go-to medium today but to follow on from my previous article about nappies, you need to be a bit of an expert in nappies and provide that great information, that your site visitors have come to know you provide.

Let’s Be More Specific About Getting Great Information

OK so whether you are after information about nappies or affiliate marketing, you need to know exactly what you want to know. ”How do I create a great blog article”? This sentence is a little more specific and would see me going to forums, to social media, to Amazon, to conferences, Google obviously and virtually everywhere I could think of. That is being keen to know and learn.

I would also have a journal and I wouldn’t just take notes, I actually keep a nice well-bound journal, that I go back to the invaluable information I am learning, time and time again.

I have found that the best sources of information for me personally are affiliate companies. I am personally involved with Wealthy Affiliate and Strong Future International in regard to affiliate marketing, and I have learned so much, have been educated beyond what I thought was possible.

The information I was after was very specific and so I joined those who I knew after in-depth research, would help me get ahead. You can also begin with signing up to E-zines, Email lists, buy E-books, get free Ebooks, go to the Library (remember those?), talk to others, ask questions of those you are following on social media.

Collect The Information and Never Lose it

This information you collect needs to be stored, either in that journal, or create a file and add it to a folder about the topic you have sought, and keep it easily obtainable on your computer. I have a journal that is 3 years old and now and then I flip through it and find incredible nuggets of information that just helps me to be inspired about life, about my business and even about myself.


I really cannot emphasize enough, catalogue your collected great and insightful information, because although you can go back to any of the resources you have gleaned it from, you will have collected info specific to your exact needs and it then becomes invaluable to you, stored sensibly for easy perusing later on.

Hopefully, you have gained some brief insight into what and where to do your research and I wish you all the best in the future.

If you can add any more resources to my list here then please add them in comments below and I am sure that will be of benefit to many others too.

Take Care, Colin Thomson

2 Replies to “Great and Insightful Information”

  1. Hi Colin,

    Great post. There is so much information out there it can get very confusing and you can suffer from information overload big time.

    I have a system now where I just use Youtube for my information. If I like a channel I subscribe. Also if I like a video and can’t watch it all I know it is there in my channel history. Youtube is choc full of info on every topic imaginable and I learn better through video.



    1. Thanks Kevin
      I’ve used YouTube myself in the past too and it is great. Right now I am simply following the amazing with Wealthy Affiliate and literally going through it step by step. Is a great learning curve and am undoing some bad habits. Thanks for the follow too. Colin

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