Club Tahiti Lanzarote

Club Tahiti Lanzarote

When I talk about my love for Affiliate Marketing, I am really talking about – Lifestyle – and part of that is holidaying in beautiful places like, Club Tahiti Lanzarote.

Hi Colin Thomson here, after my wife Zoe and I, have just returned from one of the beautiful Canary Island’s, Lanzarote, where we escaped the oncoming winter season in the UK, for a brief but fantastic 10 days of sun.

I can write all sorts of stuff about Affiliate Marketing. I can highlight for you where you can go, to get the best information, to succeed. I can write about all sorts of great affiliate programs that will potentially bring you some cash, but unless you have it in your mind what you want to do with the income, you can potentially earn, then its just possibly a waste of everyone’s time.

Club Tahiti Lanzarote is a Seasons resort and I have been a member of Seasons for a number of years, but this is the first time I have been to Lanzarote. What a blast. What a well kept secret Lanzarote is and what a great place is Club Tahiti with it’s magnificent staff and management.

Yep if you get a chance head over there and taste for yourself the delicacies of Lanzarote.

On our last night, we stayed near a little tiny village, Ye, near an extinct volcano, and drank a bottle and a half of wine that tasted like pure nectar. Pure liquid gold almost. The smaller half bottle was from the juice of the cactus tree and I have no idea what they did to it, but man alive it was beautiful.

This is the volcano we sat in the sun and looked at for nearly 5 hours, just relaxing and reflecting on the previous 9 days we had had, on this fascinating island. We did in fact watch the sun go down and then followed the moon as it traced the same path that the sun had just made.

The sun went down, the flight path of jets went in the same direction and seriously the moon followed suit. The island was created by volcanic activity and this has produced an amazing landscape that many have said looks the closest to the moons!

On top of Timanfaya volcano, in Timanfaya National Park, where the greatest recorded eruptions occurred in the 1730’s, the volcanic activity continues today with the temperature, just below the surface ranging from 100 to 600 °C (212 to 1,112 °F) at a depth of just 13 metres. The picture below sees a national park guide demonstrating just how hot this is by pouring water down metal tubes, into the ground, resulting in a geyser of steam, shooting dramatically into the air, which is an amazing attraction for tourists. There is only one active volcano, Timanfaya volcano which the park is named after.

Not only did we witness the geyser of steam for ourselves but in the restaurant built in the same spot you can eat food barbecued over a grill atop of heat being generated from the lave itself too.

The pit was around 10-15 metres deep and I think the guide explained that the lava is 96 metres below the surface is generating enough continuos heat to cook food. Absolutely amazing.

The Reason For This Post!

Why am I sharing my latest holiday with you, like this in my blog, about great affiliate programs?

Because my friends you have to dream big. You have to have dreams bigger than your problems, Bigger than your issues. Bigger than your bad job.

You are reading my blog because you are exploring whether or not you can earn an income online and I am telling you that you can, if you believe you can, and if you are teachable.

Then you can start to see your dreams come to fruition with a bit of luck and some bloody hard work.

Anyway back to my holiday 🙂

Cueva de los Verdes lava tube

The Cueva de los Verdes lava tube was formed about 4,000 years ago when the Montaña La Corona erupted and spilled lava to the Atlantic ocean. In doing so somehow it left a tunnel around 2 km’s long and has some amazing caves within.

The Jameos del Agua – like the Cueva de los Verdes – is an absolutely amazing site and as you descend from the car park into a massive cave I was left spellbound and unable to put what I was seeing into words.

 Looking back up to the entrance after climbing down the stairs.

 The cafe awaiting you before you get into your tour.

Sitting in the cafe I just gazed in astonishment and wonder and was so happy to have gone to visit this amazing place. Jameos del Agua is well worth a few hours of your time when you get here.

Molten lava continued to flow as the surface hardened, which in turn led to the formation of the tubes, which run down under the Atlantic.




Words cannot describe the beauty and tranquility here.

Tunnel of Atlantis

The 5,000-foot (1,500 metre) long tube formed some 20,000 years ago when the Monte Corona volcano erupted on the island of Lanzarote. The erupted molten rock flowed across the land and into the ocean. It is the worlds longest known volcanic submarine lava tube adding to the already amazing sites on this island.

You can read more for yourself about Lanzarote and it’s delights in the Lanzarote Guide Book Website

Living Your Dreams

As you can see I have had an amazing 10 day holiday and just had to put together this blog post, to refresh the face of my new website, and inspire you, my readers to think big, set yourself some high and lofty goals and believe that you can enter the affiliate marketing industry and begin earning some extra cash, leading you to your goals.

Club Tahiti Lanzarote was an amazing place for us to stay and yes we have already booked next years holiday too!

In Summary Then

I have built this website with the aim of helping anyone realise that they are in the right place, reading the right blog, to learn how to build an online business. I am a Wealthy Affiliate University student and can tell you candidly that you will learn everything you need to learn, to succeed online, here and now.

The holiday that Zoe and I have just had, was so refreshing and inspirational, that I have come back invigorated and ready to take on the world!

Mighty words I know, but I feel alive and hope you have enjoyed a taste of Lanzarote, yourself.

Take Care and if you would like to let me know about your holidays in Lanzarote, then please do, by commenting below. I would love to hear about your holidays and travels too. Colin


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  1. What an amazing holiday!! The pictures are wonderful and share your time there so well. I really liked what you said about how you have to dream big. You have to have dreams bigger than your problems, Bigger than your issues. Bigger than your bad job. And you have to know your why. Excellent post. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

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