Break Free of 9 to 5

Break Free of 9 to 5

Have you had Enough of the 9 to 5 and you really want to – Break Free of 9 to 5?

I have an Answer For You Today!

If This is You, Then You need to read on and hear my story because I’m exactly the same as you and in the same situation because of the ups and downs of life. Having been self-employed and now back in full-time employment, I’ve figured out that, working for yourself, is really the best way to go!

Let’s Talk About You For A Bit

So you are 18-34 years of age and either not looking forward to working 9 to 5 or are stuck in the rut already and you are sincerely wondering and searching for answers to the question, how can I break free of 9 to 5?!

Am I right or pretty darn close? I reckon I’m spot on…….

Hi, Colin Thomson here and I am writing to you today because I’ve been there too and unfortunately due to the circumstances of life, I am here again, but – not for long – I hope!

I invite you to join me on a journey to self-employment again. Why don’t we go together that would be even better!

A Bit About Me

I have been self-employed in the past, as an Electrical Contractor, and this was nearly the most satisfying time in my working life as a Sparky, because I had more freedom to be able to do what I needed to or wanted to do, when and where I wanted to.

Working the 9-5 you are limited to the clock, to the boss looking over your shoulder, to the work handbook and its rules and regulations and that is really tiring. While the handbook can be a good thing, if you find yourself in a sticky situation with a boss or a work colleague, it is a bind mostly.

How do we get out of the ‘’System’’ and into a better working life?

How did I get out of being a Sparky and enter self-employment?

I made a Decision!

I guess it was a decision I made and a prompting from God, – take a chance, step out of my comfort zone and go and do something different and it was amazing how the doors opened for me.

Somebody found out that I was looking into self-employment from the local council and got in contact with me because there was a free course starting in 2 days and do I want to be on it?

The course, put on by the local council was literally exactly about starting a local business!

I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to go along if I hadn’t first made that decision that I wanted to give it a go.

Key number 1 – make a decision to change your circumstances for the better.

I was offered a position on a Free Business Start-up Course

I went along for the 4-day course and learned so many things about setting up my business, where to advertise, the need to check out my competition, how to write a business plan, accounting, tax, indeed all the ins and outs of a local business startup.

I was totally amazed and truly blessed to have been given this opportunity but what absolutely astounded me was towards the end of the course we were made aware that the council had funds available for new starters and would I like to apply?

Again I was totally gobsmacked and of course, said yes, please.

There were a few others on the course with me and we all applied and of the 8-9 new business ideas who took the course, I was fortunate enough to get the funds.

These funds came totally out of the blue, totally unexpected and what a boost they were to me in starting my Electrical Business. The funds enabled me to buy more tools, some test instruments and put me through my first course to become a fully approved Electrical Contractor.

Why have I told you all this?

Because if you want to, get out stay out 9 5, you need to make a decision, that you want to do exactly that and then set your mind to find out how!

You are on my website because you typed in a certain keyword and I am so glad you are here because you are exploring how to do just that, escape the norm, break free of 9 to 5.

We are taught, or programmed if you like, that we have to work 8 hours a day, for 40 years and then we can retire and hopefully have enough to live on and enjoy our retirement.

A lot of people manage to do that and it turns out alright, but there is a heck of a lot who this doesn’t turn out for and I am writing to you and asking where are you headed?

What A Difference The Internet Has Made!

Think about what a difference the internet has made to hundreds of thousands, or more people, around the globe and can make to your life too, if you made a decision to give it a try! Those who have taken a chance, who have dared to believe that it is possible to earn an income, as an Affiliate Marketer, are seeing results and you and I can too.

Have I made it yet? No. But I am going to get there because I have decided that I am going to achieve my goals and dreams. I will not give up. I will succeed. What about You? Break the 9 to 5 or do the 40-year thing. Big Swear Words…

Let me give you some really sound advice here – becoming an Affiliate Marketing Student is the absolute safest way to begin learning about the internet and how to earn an income online.

Become A Student of Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate and in with the right crowd, (Read about WA Here), you can learn all the basics, like how to create a website, what is SEO, search engine optimisation, how do I rank on Google, how do I know if people are seeing my website, where can I get answers to my questions, etc!

You can learn how to search for, and how to write, valuable content, for your blog and then where and how to market it, to get people to view your pages, like what they read and make a purchase from your site, which leads to you earning a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is a safe medium to learn because you have your primary income, your job, and you are able to learn, part-time, from the comfort of your home,.your internet marketers skills.

That is what I did and what I encourage everyone to do, sit tight in your job, (just over broke), get focused and learn as much as you can about internet marketing, with a great mentor behind you and begin dreaming of your new found freedom.

Choose An Affiliate Program Carefully

There is so much rubbish out there and I advise you take my offer, of help and guidance, and follow me into the fantastic opportunity I am involved with, the Wealthy Affiliate University, where you will learn all of the above and much more to your heart’s content.

This is quite an astounding resource and online facility for learning how to make and grow an online business and will lead you to a place of being able to, make money not working 9 5, at the pace you choose to work at!

You can enter the program for no cost at all and you do not even have to break out a credit card to join and this gives you a full 7 days to explore whether or not this is going to help you down that path to freedom that you are so craving for.

A Fresh Start to A New Life

I’m not going to tempt you with pictures of sunny beaches, mountaintop experiences, diving the Barrier Reef, skiing in Val d’isere, or long beach rides on a beautiful retired horse. Whoops, but I have just put the images in your mind already.

Isn’t it nice to imagine what you would like to do when you retire?

Why wait until you retire after the 9 5, the 40 years with, hopefully, a pension, to allow these things to happen? Take a moment and consider why you have read this far, why you even ended up on my blog and consider what it would be like if you took the chance, like I did, to make something better of my life!

When I made that decision years ago to become an Electrical Contractor, I was amazed at the number of doors that opened for me. There were no words to describe how I felt and it is only in writing this, that I am fully appreciating how well I did, after that DECISION, to change my life.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of life, I am no longer in self-employment and yes I am back into a 9 5, well 7:30 16:00, but its nearly the same isn’t it and I am as determined as ever to regain that self-employed lifestyle through internet marketing.

Will it be easy? No.

Will I have to work? Yes

Do I have all the resources I need to learn about and build an online business? YES

All it needs is desire and determination. What have you got inside you today?

So Guess What I Have Decided To Do?

Yep, you are absolutely right!

I am going to be self-employed again soon because I have decided that I don’t want to work 9 5, and I have chosen self-employment, within the Affiliate Marketing Industry, to work with and join the Wealthy Affiliate University Platform where I am learning all that I need to do just that!

Wealthy Affiliate is second to none in my opinion, and you can too turn your own passion into a small business of your own.

Click on the banner below and learn more now.



It takes a little daring, combined with a spice of attitude and yes you need to make a decision, and once you have done that, from the heart, not just the head, then doors will start to open and the path just sort of opens before you.

There is that analogy that it is impossible to steer a stationary ship, but once it is moving, that little tiny rudder (your decision) begins to shift that vessel from the path it was going, on towards its destination, (your goals and dreams).

Then – Never Give Up – Never

Never let anyone tell you, you can’t, because it is you who decides what you want to do and once your mind is made up, get focused, learn what you need to learn, implement what you have learned, make some adjustments and sail on towards your goal and dream fulfillment, sooner rather than later.

I am passionate about self-employment because the system isn’t designed to help us get ahead, it is designed for our existence and I have seen so many talented people not make it, not achieve their dreams because they were a bit afraid to step outside of their comfort zone, they were afraid to break free from 9 to 5.

The thing I love about Affiliate Marketing is that it is virtually risk-free because you have your job, an income and you are in a safe place, and then you take your time as you learn how to make money without working 9 5.

Do you really want to break free of 9 to 5?

Do you work 9 to 5 and have you had enough of it?

Are you looking at a future of working 9 to 5 and really not wanting to even go there at all?

Then I suggest to you here and now – Start your online career studies today – as a hobby and as your knowledge grows, your enthusiasm will grow too.

Then watch the exponential growth, of both, as you see how simple Affiliate Marketing really is, how easy it is to set up and how easy it is to be your own boss, in charge of your own destiny.

I truly hope you have felt my passion and if you want to, get out stay out 9 5,

Then Click On The Banner Below And Go Straight To Wealthy Affiliate,

Enter Your Details,

Click On The Create A Free Account Button

and not only will Wealthy Affiliate get back to you

but I will too.

Let’s Do This Together!

ps:- If You found this article useful please share it with anyone you think may benefit from it on social media or even with your friends.

Thank you for helping others, by sharing it with them too.

Also, leave a comment below or ask a question that I may not have covered and of course when you leave a comment, leave your website detail, as this will be generating free traffic and backlinks to your website, which is me helping you further too!

Take Care

Colin Thomson

I Will Get Back To You as soon as I can. 🙂


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