Back Links – What are they?

Back Links – What are they?

In creating blog posts and building a website, to create an online income, there are a lot of things to learn and every now and then I read about Back Links. My question becomes, Back Links – What are they?, and how do I use them?

Back Links – What are they?

As a relative newbie to affiliate marketing and just learning all the terminology, all the lingo, I realize I am learning a whole new language just now. ”Online Speak”, and in going through Google I found that there are many sites talking about backlinks, but even still, it is so hard to actually understand what these seasoned pros are explaining.

Backlinks, from my understanding now, to date, are ways that we can get other web users come to our websites, to explore our content, and are essential to grow our authority standing for Google to rank us higher in the searches, for our keywords. That equals more visitors and more potential for increasing ones income.

Some argue that Backlinks are not necessary for our ranking and others argue equally strong that they are.

So how do I as a newbie, reconcile all the information on the internet, to make sense of it and to use the information I glean sensibly and more to the point safely?

How Do I use Back Links properly

To ”use a backlink” doesn’t seem to be the right question to me, so I would like to say instead, how can I make or get backlinks to my website?

In other words – how can I get, some of the thousands of people on the internet, to come to my website in a legitimate, correct way, on top of the writing of great useful content for my readers?

Having watched a few YouTube videos and read a few blog posts, outside of the Wealthy Affiliate Community, to get a greater understanding of backlinks – what are they?, what I have observed seems so simple and it is, when you’ve seen it done for the first time properly.

The correct use of backlinks can be done by following other affiliates on their blogs and in their social media channels and leaving helpful, useful tips in the comments section, where appropriate. By doing this you are normally allowed to leave your website url and if the reader likes what you have written, they may click on your url, a backlink, and be taken to your website to get to know you more.

Some articles I have read suggest you must not misuse this privilege of commenting on just any website because if Google senses that the content on your website and the other website does not marry up they may look into this further to see why. This is all done automatically by their robots and nobody knows exactly how they do this, but they do!

How Do I Get Backlinks?

The best explanation I have read so far is this – go to Google and type in blog + your niche and this will take you to hundreds of blogs in your niche and then you seek out articles and posts, as close to your niche as possible!

So for me it was ”blog + great affiliate programs”.

Then the idea is to go to what you see as a website, with the same niche, and it needs to be the same or as similar as possible and read the page. Read the article and digest the information because it will be a place of learning, either what to do or what not to do.

After reading the post, go to the comments and leave a comment ”of value”. An encouraging word, a thank you, some of your own insight and most certainly leave your opinion. If the author has asked for peoples opinions then do so because this opens up dialogue and who knows where that can lead you in your online adventures.

After leaving your valuable comment you are able to leave your website url, when asked, and once your comment has been approved, you will have a backlink to your site established.

This is, on top of writing incredible content on your website, is just the start of getting traffic to your site and getting people to come to then take a look at your product or affiliate program.

With Wealthy Affiliate, we have the facility and the purpose, to visit each others sites and do exactly as I have shown you here, so that we as a community, help each other build our web presence, as we aim to build successful income streams.

This is a win win situation to me.

Comment on Authority Websites!

An extension to the method above is to search and find even better places to get backlinks and it would seem seeking out” authority sites” in your niche is a very wise move.

Authority sites are generally well-established successful people in a niche, who have bucket loads of traffic coming to their websites. Authority sites are the ones that are ranking on the first page of Google for many different keywords and if you do some research for your competitors in your niche, you will see them popping up all over the place.

These sites have been well scanned by Google and they get their rank because of their content, longevity, number of backlinks, number of comments, volume of traffic coming to it etc.

So, by finding a great site in your niche, taken from page 1 of Google, reading an article, making sensible comments that will get approved, you will begin to get backlinks to your site. Then you repeat the process over and over forever.

Can Back Links be overused?

I believe so and a terrific article of warning, about backlinks and their misuse, can be and should be read here. Kyle Loudon, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and a fantastic mentor to us all, wrote an article about the effectiveness of backlinks which you really must read to learn from an expert in the online industry. Click Here Now.

Words of Caution here

As mentioned above already, if you are posting your link for ”great affiliate programs” in ”great dog training tip” websites, Google will suss this and possibly lower your ranking or cause you to not rank anywhere near where you want to and should be!! Wisdom is called for here.

Another word of warning is about buying backlinks. I do not know this from my own experience but having read Kyles article and many other posts online there is a danger that if you go down that route, you may end up with all sorts of people coming to your website who are not interested at all in great affiliate programs and they will just leave your site in seconds.

That too is red flag to Google and could see you suffer in rankings again.

Write great quality content, with correct SEO focus, get people to comment on your websites and return the compliment to like sites wherever you can. This is slower and safer and over time traffic will increase to our sites.

In Conclusion

In summary of this important topic, backlinks – what are they?, I hope you have grasped in a little more detail what a backlink is, how to create them and what not to do to get them.

Backlinks will occur naturally, as our sites grow, and the temptation is to give Google a little helping hand, by manipulating the system somehow. Don’t do it.

I am taking the advice of my mentors, those around me who have succeeded without bending the rules, because I want to be around for a long time and I hope you will continue to research this topic some more, learn and implement safe strategies to increase traffic to your website, to your products or affiliate programs, as you aim to increase your online incomes.

To learn more about backlinks and anything else you need to now, I thoroughly recommend you explore the Wealthy Affiliate University, click on the banner below, because Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and Kyle and Carson have taught and helped many people to build successful websites in many different niches too.

The WA platform in my opinion is the best in the industry and their pricing policies are simply too good to be true.

If you would like to learn more, or have any comments about backlinks, I would love to hear from you.

Simply comment below and I will get back to you soon.

Take Care


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