An Ancient Calendar Secret Review

An Ancient Calendar Secret Review

Ric & Liz Thompson of fame, have backed/marketed a product through Clickbank, that reveals to you an ancient calendar secret, a secret that helps you find your true calling in life! I am truly impressed with the write up and obviously coming from well-known internet celebrities, there is some credit behind the advert for the product.

Do you know what your true calling in life is?

Do you know who you really are?

These are great questions and their product, the Power Quadrant System, will help you find the answer to these and other answers too, so read on and enjoy!

The Power Quadrant System

They write, ”Decoding Your True Identity (And Starting Your New Life) Takes Just 53 Minutes”, which is a captivating headline and one that made me continue reading. Ric explains that he and his wife Liz had those doubts in their life too, not knowing their true natures! They hadn’t always been working in roles that suited them, until they actually started using the system for themselves.

Hence there is now a product – the Power Quadrant System – available to us all.

I Can’t Do This Anymore

Ric, explaining further after his wife declared one day ‘I can’t do this anymore’, – writes…

”I’m only telling you this because I want you to know we understand what it’s like to be horribly unhappy in the job or role you’re in, but feel like there’s no escape… You don’t feel like anything can change about your situation because:

  • Someone has to do everything you do, right?
  • There’s simply not enough time to change things
  • Where’s the money going to come from?…

Here’s the good news: You don’t need a lot of money (less than $20 in fact), and you don’t need a lot of time to find out your true nature and start feeling the difference today. All you really need is your birth date, your birth time, and about 53 minutes to listen to a fascinating message all about you…”

There is a Secret Message that lasts 53 minutes, that they claim, will make a huge difference in your life as it has done in theirs.

”We’ve turned it all into a single, easy-listening audio that you can turn on, sit back, put your feet up, and take in while you’re sipping a latte (or tea, if that’s your thing), and drink in the benefits”.

Well I’m impressed and am on my way to a better look for sure.

What’s The Stone?

A stone discovered in the 1600s by the Spanish Conquistadors, has code written into it and all that really needed to happen was the decoding, to help humanity improve itself. Who made the stone and what its actual purpose is are sort of mysteries.

Anyway Ric continues

”But the amazing thing about this stone is that it’s a big calendar in the shape of a circle. Some people even already know that. However, what they don’t know is how to use the calendar to decode the DNA of who they really are…and what kind of career they are perfectly suited for (it’s different for everyone).

In order to discover that, Liz and I had to spend literally years studying how this calendar works, and the system that’s imbedded in it that shows you whether you’re a red, blue, yellow, or white. And then, what being a red, blue, yellow or white really means. (Hint: if you’re a red, you shouldn’t try to work with a blue…and if you’re a blue, you can’t stand people who don’t pay attention to detail…and so on).

Of course, if you really wanted to sift through the hundreds of websites on this ancient calendar, cross-reference the thousands of paragraphs that hint at how the color system works, and then draw up a blueprint for yourself, be our guest 😉 We’re not the only ones who could do it. But…”.

From this point on Ric and Liz explain that you could research this for yourself online and in the libraries of the world taking you a heck of a long time to just follow the tracks of the many before you or the sensible option would be to get the information you are chasing by getting their 53 minute Power Quadrant System here and now.

This will save you hours and hours of research. I would recommend a quick scan of the internet first and then take them up on their offer into, I am assuming, what you would say – a Fascinating Journey of Life!

The Cost is Very Realistic

From this point on you do get the normal – we could charge you $47 for this, some would charge you $100’s, but we are offering you the Power Quadrant System today for just $7 and all the blurb that goes with it.

My thought was OK that’s not too bad for a brief look is it……. So let’s go for it.

You obviously also get a money back guarantee which seems to be an obligatory one these days so there seems nothing to lose. So if you are interested you know what to do.

Go and check out their offer for yourself, read Ric’s full article by clicking here now and see for yourself if you would like to get an insight into the career path you should be on and what to do wherever you are right now.


Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Of course there is 🙂

There always is but I’m not Ric & Liz…… So Go There Right Now and learn for yourself exactly what they are offering to help you make some positive changes in your life to the Good, Today.

The Power Quadrant product I received is great and although I did not want any other promotional stuff, (just keep clicking on ”no thanks”), the video about the 4 colours, the 4 quadrants and how this defines, us is very interesting.

I enjoyed reading their pitch and have bookmarked their website, because they seem like great people and know what thy are talking about.

So all in all I give this product a 85/100 for insight and value!

Have a great day.

Take Care – Colin Thomson

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