Affiliate Marketing Know How

Affiliate Marketing Know How

I find it rather sad how most people that come to the internet to make money are surprised that they have to do some work! Affiliate marketing is all about marketing and learning affiliate marketing know how is essential to your success.

To gain affiliate marketing know how we need to start at the beginning and realise that means promoting something, marketing something as you would with any other line of sales work.

If we don’t sell anything then we do not make anything!

Sounds straightforward really but yes I made exactly the same mistake that we all have done.

Today I am going to share with you some useful information about affiliate marketing know how to help you understand what is needed to succeed with affiliate marketing which will help you as you move towards earning that cash you so desire.

Guidelines for Creating a Superior Affiliate Marketing Blog

As an affiliate marketer, our efforts need to be focused towards attracting visitors to our sites because without traffic we will have no sales? This is why the website design needs to adhere to basic guidelines that are traffic friendly.

Your site needs to have clarity, comprehension and useful information that you become known for. The reader must be able to immediately have a clue what you are offering as this will persuade them to stay on your site and read some more.

Remember this is a business site and you need to convince people to do business with you!

Choose a theme that matches your niche or at least helps you by blending in and allows your niche topic to stand out. Choose colours and fonts wisely as well as the tone of your language because all this adds up to business like communication and building trust with your readers!

When designing your website you should have the mindset of a customer and your site should as much as possible make the visitors experience pleasant for whatever they are looking for. Your content should be instructional helping your reader solve their problem and offering them solutions to their issue.

Your site needs to be easy to navigate and this also means great use of links to help people find further information on your site and if you lead them away from your site, let this be to sites that will continue to help your readers and/or to your affiliate links.

The Effect Blogging has on Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is a term associated with anyone from an individual to a large corporation spending time creating content for an article that has a particular end goal, normally to make a sale or at the very least get the writers personal opinion across to a target market.

A blog is generally very much related to a specific topic known as a niche and becomes a good blog when visitors find it and return often to keep up with the great content!

With affiliate marketing, a blog includes the promotion of other peoples goods and services for a small commission to the writer. You can read more about Affiliate Marketing Here!

A business needs traffic to come to its website and there is only so much time and resources that can be ploughed into any venture and that is why Affiliate Marketing has become so popular and especially through the use of Blogs.

Men and Women from all parts of society have their own social influence and this is a fantastic dynamic for business owners because affiliates reach those they can’t and then a business owner only pays out when someone buys through the affiliate links.

Can you see how wonderful this business model is?

An affiliate marketer who is well trained can do very well for themselves and part of that is knowing where to go to create your own blog properly. Read more about the platform I use by clicking here now!

Blogging has contributed handsomely to the success of affiliate marketing as a means of online promotion. The affiliate marketing know how here is to carefully write your content so that your blog is ranked well within the search engines. A great ranking, normally page one of a search engine, gives the affiliate a fantastic opportunity to attract readers and put the blogger in a position where sales can be made!

SEO, search engine optimisation, is the correct and proper use of keywords to help the search engines crawl your website and file them, so to speak, for easy access by those who type in the exact same keyword in the future!

The use of videos and photos also enhances the appearance of the blog which will attract repeat visitors and the search engines notice this which helps gain a better ranking for the blogger.

Website Ownership is Essential for an Affiliate Marketer

You must consider where to get your blog before you establish your business because when you begin you need to have as much control of your site as possible and all in one platform if possible. This ensures you can alter and update your site at any time.

I have had to make quick alterations when affiliate programs I have been promoting go down or broke and you need to be able to get rid of those pages and banners etc from your site asap!

You need to think of budget too when choosing a blogging platform and free is not good!

A brilliant affiliate marketing program like Wealthy Affiliate is ideal because you have everything needed within to make a start including the blogging platform, domain purchasing and even the hosting for your website. These are all incredibly important aspects of your business as the costs can mount up if you are buying bits and pieces from here there and everywhere!

One platform and one annual fee suit me perfectly. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

Having the ability to choose from multiple themes is also important because as an affiliate you need to stand out from the rest! Everyone promoting the same opportunity with the same site is very limiting and the chances of someone landing on your site is slim to none. Creativity and individuality are essential in creating your own blog to stand out from the crowd.

Not having to build a website is one of the most appealing aspects of affiliate marketing and in fact, virtually no technical knowledge is required at all to get started if you find the right program to be associated with.

Get the right opportunity and then add your personality and creativity and you are well on your way to building a successful online business.

Keyword Rich Articles Are A Must to Attract Traffic

Having an understanding of how to get traffic to your site is an essential part of your online education. Without traffic and without people landing on your site you are just entertaining yourself really.

Traffic = Visitors = Readers = Potential Customers = Sales

The use of keywords then is a high priority but more important is the correct use. If keywords attract readers to our blog then we should just fill our articles with keywords and all would be good!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The search engines are constantly monitoring content all over the world and that includes your articles too. If your content does not fulfil the criteria of the search engine your article will never rank at all.

The basic guidelines for writing SEO rich articles need to be learned and you can do your own research and join communities where you can ask the right questions to get the right answers.

With the use of a great keyword research tool, I use Jaaxy, and a bit of creativity you can find keywords relevant to your niche and to the topic of your blog post. When the same keyword is typed into a search engine your article can potentially be found by the person looking for your information.

The ideal places to put your keywords are in the starting and ending paragraphs. It seems that also adding additional, not your main keyword, keywords into each paragraph will give the search engines enough to rank your article well.

When writing your article it is a good idea to ensure you read over it and make sure it is making sense. Just putting keywords in a post and writing nonsense will be found out by the search engine robots and again you will not rank.

You can, of course, hire people to write articles for you and they will be up to speed with the current requirements but your personality will not be coming through. It is better to take your time, learn your new trade well and enjoy the experience too.

The best articles are the ones that keep your reader entertained from beginning to end so the article needs to be readable and the keywords are not noticed at all or if your reader is very observant and specifically after that knowledge then they will and that is a good thing.

So you need to find great keywords, write great content and have great affiliate programs to promote and keep the search engine algorithms happy. A lot to learn but very rewarding when you see your article posts popping up on Google!


Affiliate marketing know how comes over time and yes it is a learning curve. Affiliate marketing is all about marketing and of course you need to find the rules and work them to create that residual income you so keenly desire from the internet.

It is possible and with the right tools, you can become a great writer and successful affiliate in your own right.

It does take time and you need to be a long-term thinker. You need to be thinking at least a year to learn and build your website and then once you start ranking sales will inevitably come.

I have found the following marketing tools to be enough for me to create and market my Blog and have listed my reviews so that you can take a look to see if they will be what you are looking for as you seek to increase your affiliate marketing know how too.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Jaaxy Review

Take Care






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    1. Hi Mike
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      It is well worth checking it out as the owners have put a lot of time, effort and capital
      investing in it to make it the incredible tool it is today.
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