Affiliate Marketing Handbook

Affiliate Marketing Handbook

Affiliate Marketing works and many people are earning very good money online  because of this fact but I have not found an Affiliate Marketing Handbook anywhere, that takes me by the hand and shows me how to succeed. Have You?

In this informative article I am going to show you how and why you should Join the Wealthy Affiliate Community, a community of over 800,000 Internet Entrepreneurs, and discover for yourself something better than an affiliate handbook today.

Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business

Wealthy Affiliate, a very healthy thriving affiliate business, beginning in 2005 and now with 100’s of thousands of affiliates actively involved, is an amazing resource and business that I am so glad to have found myself.

I have been an affiliate marketer, part-time for a while now, and I have always wondered what it would be like to have a proper mentor, you know someone honest and mature, that you can turn to for good solid and meaningful advice.

Having lost count of how many eBooks I have downloaded, how many e-courses I have signed up to, how many lists I have enrolled on to get the latest awesome way to make money online!

You can sympathize can’t you.

You’ve been there too and so have thousands of like-minded journeymen and woman, scanning the internet, to get our own personal break, to get that Success we so eagerly desire!

But where is that Amazing Affiliate Marketing Handbook that will actually show us how to succeed online, as affiliates, and in fact, online full stop.

Wealthy Affiliate is such a revelation to me and is so much more than a handbook.

So much more than any other affiliate opportunity. So much more than a lot of information to digest and find my way through.

YES Wealthy Affiliate is better than a handbook because they take you by the hand, with wonderful training and teaching, helping you find your passion and indeed turning it into a thriving online business.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a University if you like and it’s creators have been involved with Affiliate Marketing for years. The opportunity here before you works – if you will work, for your own success – then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

But first let me get this off my chest right now.

I have been involved with a few opportunities over the years and the first thing that annoys me is you join at a base level and then you have to keep investing to gain more information. To learn and get yourself educated, you are enticed to upgrade your membership, to buy this course and you will improve yourself no end.

You have to gain the information to learn and grow. Then you encourage others to buy and upgrade too and these are your commissions. So we are salesmen rather than businessmen!

Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate you start your time by Clicking Here and joining the opportunity at No Cost At All. No credit card info required – You Just Join!

For 7 days you get to see everything that I get as a PREMIUM Member, (except all the training information).

During the 7 days you will be offered the chance to become a paid affiliate, $49.00 per month or pay an annual membership of $359.00 (less than $1 a day) and that is it. That is all we ever get charged.

We as Premium members then have access to hundreds, no thousands of affiliates in the community, who all have the same goals, to build a successful online business and help others to do the same.

In having giving you this detail now, to stop you wondering, is Colin going to take me to the bottom of the page and then come up with an incredible offer to entice me to join his team. No – I wanted to get the cash bit, the expense bit out-of-the-way so we can now concentrate on the facts.

1. Wealthy Affiliate University is an amazing resource.

2. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing affiliate business.

3. Wealthy Affiliate creators invest their time and effort ensuring we succeed.

4. The Wealthy Affiliate training is both video and text based.

Wealthy Affiliate encourages everybody who goes through the courses and through Bootcamp, to complete exercises after every lesson. By encouraging the reader to put into practice, what has just been learned, progress is being made, as the learning process goes on.

Wealthy Affiliate is an opportunity like no other.

You will succeed if you are ready, willing and able to learn.

How Is Wealthy Affiliate Like an Affiliate Marketing Handbook?

Take a look at the 2 screen shots below and you will see the Certification Course content and the Affiliate Bootcamp content that you are entitled to, when you upgrade your membership. As a free member you will be able to go through Level 1 of the Certification Course and I believe Phase 1 of the Bootcamp too.

In looking at the various topics available to me, I hope you are able to get a grasp of what you are reading. You indeed have a Handbook here, a very real guide to get you from complete Newbie to Successful Affiliate within a very short space of time.

Some will succeed a lot quicker than others, for various reasons, but anyone who persists, who is determined to turn their passion into a business, they will.

The definition of Handbook – ”a book giving information such as facts on a particular subject or instructions for operating a machine”, found in a Google search, is amusing to me. Information to operate a machine!

You can see why there are not many Affiliate Marketing Handbooks around, because not many people would see the internet as a machine. But it really is the most amazing machine this world has ever made. The world wide web is fascinating and is growing daily, moment by moment and so learning how to work this machine, how to work with this machine is a very real topic, one I hope I am covering to your satisfaction here too.

Today, the learning material with Wealthy Affiliate, is like a handbook and so much more.

The Wealthy Affiliate teaching platform is like having PDF files and Google searches, combined with YouTube videos all rolled into one place. You enter a machine, an amazing tool, an amazing resource, where you not only learn about the machine, but you learn how to use and make use of the machine, at the same time.

Affiliate Marketing is Really Exciting

Being involved with Affiliate Marketing is an amazing experience.

When you know your passion, know what excites you and know what you want to share with the world, you can do this with your own website, your own blog and then take it to the next level.

Why not enjoy making some extra cash for holidays. Why not build a second income from home. Or why not aspire to be so involved in your passion or hobby, that you can quit your job and earn from sharing your valuable knowledge with your Niche Market.

I have so far seen, within the Wealthy Affiliate Community, websites about – Yoga, Winemaking, WordPress websites, Cars, Motorbikes, Affiliate Marketing, Travel, Digital Marketing, Video Games, Various sports etc etc etc…

Whatever your passion or interest, you can build a website and monetize it here with Wealthy Affiliate

In Conclusion

Anybody who has read down this far, of my article about Affiliate Marketing Handbook, is keen to have a go, because you typed into Google the keywords ”Affiliate Marketing Handbook” or words derived from the same and have an interest in making something special.

You must have a desire to build something great, otherwise I don’t believe you are reading these words right now.

What is your passion?

What hobby do you love so much, that you want to share it with any of the like-minded people around the globe today?

Do you want to earn some, extra cash, to cover your monthly membership fee, so you can join an amazing community and enjoy sharing your online time with people who know like and get you.

You have arrived in a great place and all I encourage you to do now is……

Join Wealthy Affiliate By Clicking Below Right Now.

Take Care and Have A Great Day

Colin Thomson

ps If you have any questions at all, write in the comments below and I will get back to you. Your information will not be shared with anyone. Read my privacy policy under the Home Tab at the top of the page!!

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