About Colin

About Colin

Colin Thomson - Great Affiliate Programs Welcome to my Blog – Colin Thomson at – great-affiliate-programs.com

I’m really glad you’ve found my site and I hope you find what you are looking for!

  • Some great and useable information about Affiliate Marketing
  • What Affiliate Marketing is
  • How and where to get started in Affiliate Marketing
  • Where to find some Great Affiliate Programs.

My Story So Far

Turn Your Passion Into A Business

I truly love Affiliate Marketing, for many reasons, but the main one being that you can start working online, without a product, without all the hassles and expense of creating one and when you join a Great Affiliate Company, with all the resources you need, within the one platform, success can be assured with some grit and determination!

Another reason I love Affiliate Marketing is that you are not responsible for the storing and shipping of the products you choose to promote. This suits me just fine, not because I am lazy, but time restraints limit most of us when we begin to learn the ins and outs of the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

Finding a Great Affiliate Program is key to getting started though and I will help you along the way with reviews and solid advice about who to join and who to avoid!

In the past I have made some sound investments and I have also made some really stupid mistakes but all in all, I have learned some phenomenal lessons along the way and some of those lessons I will pass onto you here, giving you some insight and guidance, helping you grow your own business and avoiding some of the pitfalls that are not too obvious to newbies.

I want to help people, as I have been helped and steer you clear of the mistakes that I have made!


Gain An Online Business Degree Here, Begin Today It can be a lonely world online unless you receive guidance!

When I started online I bought so many ebooks, enrolled in so many ezines and email newsletters not knowing that all I was doing was joining someone’s email list!

The small amount of information I used to get was useful and – readily available online for free – but not really worth anything to me at the time. Can you relate to that?

Most marketers, I have learned, do not really care for us and all they want is the cash from our pockets.

Yep, I’ve made some stupid mistakes and believed that the gurus cared and were going to teach me and help me along to that success that I so desperately wanted. But once that money had left my account, generally what I received was an enormous amount of information that I couldn’t make head nor tail of. Still with me?

So Here I am today, having begun in October 2017 (now April 2018), writing this within a new platform, Wealthy Affiliate, with the view to helping as many newbies or unsuccessful affiliates get further along than they have done before!

I have now written 11 pages here in this blog with over 36 posts and most of my articles are now indexed by Google which means people are coming to my site, reading my articles and are becoming loyal followers as they, like you, begin to know, like and trust that I want the best for you! (As at April 2018)


 It is possible, with the right tools and guidance, to make money online and I will help you to get started too.

Having struggled online in the past, before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I know your pain and frustration and I am here to help you.

My aim is to provide valuable information and insights into exactly What is Affiliate Marketing, What is a Great Affiliate Program, What is a Great Affiliate Company and Where To Find Great Products.

So Take Your Time Perusing My Site, come back often and even get in touch by adding comments at the bottom of any page and I will be informed and get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have any questions then again ask them at the bottom of any page and I will get back to you asap!

Take Care,

Colin Thomson

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