A GlobalMoneyline Review

A GlobalMoneyline Review

My GlobalMoneyLine Review

Name: GlobalMoneyLine

Website: GlobalMoneyLine.com

Price: FREE

Owners: Owner is unknown

Overall Rank: 45 out of 100


Hi Colin Thomson here and I hope you find my review straight forward and honest, because I am presenting this to you today, so that it will help you make up your own mind, as to whether GlobalMoneyLine is for you or not.

I have read some scathing reports about GlobalMoneyLine recently and am actually amazed with other peoples opinions about the program. Some seem to have not gone fully into the program to analyze for themselves and some seem to have just copied and pasted from other sources.

I am an actual member of GlobalMoneyLine and will give you that honest opinion, from an insiders’ viewpoint.

GlobalMoneyLine Product Overview

GlobalMoneyLine does as it says – it is a straight line lead generator/list builder. It does as is advertised!

GlobalMoneyLine is a very good list building program that will then allow you to communicate with those within the program. If anyone clicks on the messages you send out, those who have joined after you, they are added to your list. If you click on the messages of those who have joined before you, they too get entered into your personal list.

The product is a List Builder, that is what is advertised and that is what you get.

With GlobalMoneyLine you then have the ability to network with those who have signed before and after you and I suppose it then depends on your networking skills, as to how you engage people from that point. I am not very good at small talk and therefore do not use the program that much myself. But for those with the gift of the gab, if you like, it might be perfect. Those who love the fishing game, the give a little, draw people in, give a little more and develop a relationship!

If that is your skill then give it a try for sure.

Pros and Cons

The Good:

  • you can actually correspond with real people
  • I have met some really decent folks within the program
  • Is a Great place to promote your own product or primary affiliate program
  • GlobalMoneyLine does as it says – it is a straight line lead generator/list builder

The Not So Good:

  • It is laborious sending messages 20 at a time (I am a silver member)
  • Most of the people here are just promoting their own affiliate programs
  • I wonder how many people actually read and click through to my primary (I haven’t tagged url’s 🙁 )
  • I Find using it a bit like traffic exchanges, you seem to really be wasting your time
  • Similarly to traffic exchanges though, you might get a hit every now and then
  • The site doesn’t look really proffessional
  • Will it last for long?
  • The site does seem to load slowly these days. Hope that’s not a problem.

Who is GlobalMoneyLine For?

GlobalMoneyLine make it very clear, that this is not MLM and/or a pyramid scheme, so please take that on board and set your mind at rest. I think this is really great for those with excellent networking skills, maybe for those with a list already and who have a great following. There is money to be made because the compensation plan is actually pretty good although I am not going to go into that here because if you like what you have read already and join, you will find the cash flow good.

I do not think this is good for newbies, those new to internet marketing, because the fundamentals of marketing really need to be learned elsewhere, like with my Primary – Wealthy Affiliate.

Once the basics are grasped, this maybe a good extra to have under your belt, so to speak!

GlobalMoneyLine Tools & Training

There is a Let’s’s Get Started video to show everyone around the GlobalMoneyLine site but there isn’t much more than that. That is why I do not recommend newbies get involved with this program. Those who have been around for a while, with a great grasp of marketing, may or may not love the whole program, but you need to decide that for yourself.

Click Here For More Info

There are tools for marketing, the banners, your own url links, the Facebook marketing materials etc all of which is straight forward and basic. It all works so get in and try for yourself.

GlobalMoneyLine Support

The support offered with this product is there but limited and I have managed to communicate with a few people personally, but as the program is so straight forward, I think you either get it or you don’t. Nevertheless, there is a Support network as the picture below shows.

GlobalMoneyLine Price

There are varying subscription levels that allow you to message fellow internet marketers, depending on your level of investment.

This is free to start and with the basic membership, for 3 days, you can message 1 person at a time, as GlobalMoneyLine fills your line for you. After that you will need to invest, to continue to receive infill to your line. (Note – this line is only a line – because you then need to engage with people, to get them into your list)!!

Once you have upgraded, and got people into your list by looking at their messages, you are then able to message more people yourself, promoting your own or your affiliate products. Your list grows as you click on fellow marketers messages or as people click on your message.

OK then let’s look at the prices…

Newbie – Free (you can message 1 person at a time in your list)

Bronze – $20 – one time charge. (you can message 20 people at a time in your list)

Silver – $50 – one time charge. (you can message 50 people at a time in your list)

Gold – $100 – one time charge. (you can message 100 people at a time in your list)

Platinum – $250 – one time charge. (you can message 250 people at a time in your list)

Diamond – $500 – one time charge. (you can message 500 people at a time in your list)

A Final Word – GlobalMoneyLine

Overall, I think GlobalMoneyLine is something that is good to be involved with, as just another one of those mediums, where you are building your own website presence and gathering viewers to your site. As Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers, we are building our own brands, our own identities, if you like, and people will follow us, when they get to know like and trust us. So the more avenues we can use, to get our presence felt online, out there, the better.

So my view is – get in there, but don’t waste too much time because people are just promoting their own thing, just like you will, but that’s the affiliate marketing world. Get in there and promote your primary or your product because you never know when things will take off!!

As I am a member of GlobalMoneyLine and have been involved and actually know what GlobalMoneyLine is about, I have provided you this Review with a difference. Hopefully you have found this to be an Honest and to the point review that will help you in your decision-making process.

By all means leave your comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Take Care, Colin Thomson.

GlobalMoneyLine at a Glance…
Name: GlobalMoneyLine

Website: GlobalMoneyLine.com

Owners: Owner unknown

Price: Free

Overall Scam Rank: 45 out of 100


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  1. Thank you for a good review of GlobalMoneyLine. Very thorough and with you actually being a member I would lean towards your review. I am a newbie, therefore, it would not be good for me. The training as you describe it is minimal at best. As you say, it is good as a list builder, so people needing that may do well.

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